“Your Body is the frame through which Creativity expresses itself! Creativity is physical!”


We Are Creators!

“Your Body is the frame through which Creativity expresses itself! Creativity is physical!”


“Your Body is the frame through which Creativity expresses itself! Creativity is physical!”




Hello Creator!



Instead of creating that fantastic business, project, artwork, product –

you procrastinate and put off taking action.

you lose focus and distract easily.

you are full of energy but struggle to channel it.

you are driven by worry and stress instead of confidence and desire.

you stay in that job you hate – convincing yourself that life is about safety and scarcity.

you lack discipline and a daily implementation practice.

you have a million great ideas – but struggle with the daily actions necessary to get them done.

Instead of taking action you are…

comparing yourself to everyone & concluding everyone else is better.

social media binging.

mentally rehearsing your mistakes and impending failure.

believing the picture of your life falling apart if you dare go for what you really want.

sleeping, eating, smoking, drinking, netflix-ing – anything to not feel your desires.

Pretend smiling at the success of others – while inside you are full of envy.

caretaking everyone around you – so you won’t have to take care of yourself.



Convincing yourself you have all the time in the world – and letting life pass you by.







Feel what it would mean to your life – to your creative potential and success –

to consistently tap into high states of focused flow and achievement!


Life Artists was created with one intention. 

To share with you the most powerful embodiment tools you need –





I  believe that YOU have something unique and visionary to do and to give to our world, an inner knowing and vision which longs to be expressed. I believe you know – deep down inside – you came here to make a difference and to make your life count.

also believe that your creativity is your most natural and pleasurable expression of being alive. It’s that spark of life that engages you, ignites your curiosity, and moves you off the couch – back to where the fun and magic of your life is.


Self-Doubts? Fears? Self-sabotaging beliefs? Are you procrastinating, putting it off again for tomorrow, repeating that same old painful story that is keeping you stuck – and your creative potential lost?








When you learn to embody your creative experience – you return to your natural state;

alive, attentive, interested, and very physical.

Embodied creativity revitalizes your ability to be attentive to the world you live in, those around you, and

to act within the present moment.

It reconnects you to your inborn expression and curiosity. You are tuned in, tactile, sensual, playful –

fully alive with enjoyment and health.


And above all – It gets you to naturally TAKE ACTION!

I want to give you the tools to…

use the inherent power of your body to manifest the experiences you desire and get your work done!

clarify that great idea so that it sits fully in your embodied experience – so that taking action is inevitable.

join your ideas with your experiences – allowing you to accomplish your desires

let go of limiting habits and physical patterns interrupting your creative flow
physically reframe and shift out of emotional moods getting in the way of you taking the next step

practice physical states that get you taking action and implementing with ease







retrain your neuropathways using the untapped 90 % of your brain – your physicality

develop your own physical cues to shift your bodily states and stop procrastination, lack of focus, and motivation struggles 

learn powerful physical cues to embody the states of high-performance energy, and focus that top athletes and achievers use daily to achieve their goals

Shift out of self-doubt and embody real confidence using FRAME training and body-mind centering

explore your individual “bodyset”– the physical framework of implementation that supports the manifestation of your ideas










Life Artists embody their creative power!






I believe that we are missing something fundamental in our ability to tap into our creative confidence.





We are missing our bodies.




We struggle ineffectively to take consistent and pleasurable action within our creativity, projects, and aims – because we are approaching physical experiences with abstract ideas.







We work on solving our fears and self-judgment, our lack of focus and distractions, our procrastination and lack of discipline – predominantly with our mind and emotions. We forget that fear as well as focus, action as well as procrastination – are physical experiences. And we forget that our ideas and projects eventually must become physical – or they will never get seen, heard, or started – let alone finished. 








Our mind is a powerful and needed tool for abstracting – but the DOER – the Implementer, and I would say, the Experience Maker – lives in the world of the physical – in our senses, our energy level, our movement.  Our experience is fundamentally a physical one! It is through our bodies that we experience our lives – where we play with, sense, and create our reality.










Action lies in the realm of your body, senses, and how you interact with your physical surroundings. So, when you are looking to change and affect your ability to take-action effectively – the most practical is to get physical.








Doesn’t it then make sense, to tap into the body’s natural abilities of focus and relaxation, attention, movement, and energy to manifest our aims, projects, and creativity?







































































Life Artists believes that Creativity is a physical expression.


Successful implementation of your ideas means getting them out of your mind and into practical physical reality! When you embody your creative ideas – you move them out of the world of ideas and into the real world of implementation and action.

Ideas are the backbone of any project – but it’s your body – the implementer, the doer, the action taker – that builds that successful business, finishes that great project, manifests that life-changing idea. Effective implementation relies on two basics; a clear focus on the experiences you want to create – and second; the physical actions you DO each day toward that desired experience. Most of us struggle with the second part – and countless fantastic ideas sadly, remain ideas.

Life Artists one-on-one coaching, workshops, and large group events are for creatives, innovators, and entrepreneurs who are getting stuck – who procrastinate, struggle with creative blocks, self-image, motivation, or focus issues – and who because of this stop taking action in the fulfillment of their creative potential.

Through a simple and effective system which engages your physical body as the implementer of your actions – I teach you how to recognize and recover your “creative flow” as a physical, practical, experience.

When you change your physical expression, you get a different experience.


Life Artists embodiment training enables you to recognize what’s stopping you, get back to reality, and move forward in your creative work.



Here's a first look at what you will gain here:

  • Skills to identify what’s in the way of you creative efficiency and excellence
  • Physical practices to enable you to stop limitations you are experiencing in your creative work
  • Initiatives which enable you to start your work more easily with less procrastination and avoidance
  • The ability to recover your health and physical well-being through your creativity

This site is a platform where you can learn and take part in:

  • Ideas for recovering ease, pleasure, and efficiency in the creative process
  • articles and information from leading thinkers and experts on creative ability and performance
  • inspiration, insights, and a creative community
  • workshops, events, and training allowing you to learn and practice creativity as s physical experience


This course is phenomenal and the ideas in it will change the world, thank you for beaming it into this time-space reality! I have been telling everyone I know about it and I think it will help humanity heal and it will help creatives recover from all their soul-oppressing conditioning and really wake up to what they are here to do. I was enormously touched & transformed by the experience.

Holla MaCcrae

Expressive Arts Therapist

I have taken so many valuable lessons from this journey that it is difficult to sum it up! One of the biggest being: I have learned to integrate my body as an essential axis of my creative experience. The biggest Aha effect was to realize that to transmit anything, to experience my dreams – I have to experience them in my body and not just in my head. That is my compass and what I have been missing from so many self-development approaches. I am so amazed at how much intelligence my body has.

Juan Ignacio González Walter

CEO at Film Stammtisch Berlin

My one line: If you wish to become unstuck and change your current patterns related to creative action – if you want to know more about creativity – this is the course for you. This course is a practical, safe and wisely guided, empathetic forum for learning with one’s own body and as a collective body.

Paula Nishikawara


I did The Conscious Creator training and I learned to identify my patterns that make me procrastinate. I learned that the world I see is what I make of it myself. There is a lot of judgment in the world – but there is also a lot of openness and what I know now is it depends on where I choose to put my attention. I learned that I have the power to choose who/ how I want to be in every moment. I recommend this training because it gave me powerful tools to acknowledge my dreams and deal with the stuff that is in the way of reaching it.

Maike Beckers


“Our bodies are the frame which allows our ideas to take form, indeed without our body experiencing, moving, expressing, acting, and doing – none of our ideas would manifest. In other words – without doing something physical, all our “great ideas” – stay ideas, instead of becoming our physical, tangible life – the creation we LOVE to live.” Barbara Droubay

Creative D.R.I.V.E. –  Workshop is the first step in the 

Life Changing Training:




Through 5 individual courses, you join a creative community in a year-long journey – beginning with your individual project – then expanding & growing creative consciousness into a way of life.


In each workshop, we take powerful steps toward becoming – what I call – Conscious Creators – human beings actively engaged in each moment of their life, as a conscious creative act.


Start the Journey

 You just got a game-changing set of keys

for your Creative Confidence!

Creative D.R.I.V.E. System! Workshop

Optimal states of Creative flow: by choice – no longer by chance!

It’s a physical thang!

Is This You?

  • Self-doubt is running the show. You would love to have a ton of ideas, but every idea that comes you tell yourself is not good enough.
  • You suffer from the everyone is doing it already, better, different. Reactions about yourself image – are beating you down.
  • You have great new ideas but Procrastination is all but stopping the implementation.
  • I got this – but working with others? Communicating my vision gets me all clammed up and shy.
  • I am stuck – not enjoying the creative process.

Start your engine! 3-day workshop

Discover Your Unique Purpose!

This 3-day workshop recovers your ability to envision and  powerfully claim what you want in your life – while letting go of being afraid or ashamed to want it. You will learn the power of a clear description to impliment your dream into reality, awaken desire and passion as a physical experience, and use you body as the grounding force behind your ideas.  We will look at the story we are telling ourselves – then zoom out to look at the collective story/dream – the beliefs, judgments, thoughts, and ideas we maintain and live by. We will challenge the way we think, judge, and utilize our mind to fixate or set free our points of reference in our lives. We will explore how ideas and inspiration always express themselves physically and learn powerful techniques using your physical state to affect your ideas and beliefs.

Cross the Wall & Start to Work! 3-Day Workshop

Turning the habit of “tomorrow” into actions in the NOW!

In this 3- day workshop, we will tackle the boogeymen of creative efficiency – Procrastination, favorite fears, creative shame, self-image and how we form it. In this course, we are learning the missing link to powerful manifesting – how we take an idea and shape it physically in our body – through our contractions, postures, breathing, and movement. It is the magic missing from all mindset and manifestation work out there! Once you know this – Procrastination becomes Motivation! This course is the action and implementation of your creative power. It relates to the fire quality in your creative being. Communication, action taking, the do-er and maker in you – the muscles and movement of  your will.

Leave Your Island – 5 – Day Intensive Retreat

Drop your Routines and rediscover life! 

In this 5 day Retreat – you will leave your personal island – the dogmatic ways you hold to your beliefs, ideologies, and behavior – keeping you from simply and effectively implementing your passion. We will challenge and question our routines, habits, and beliefs about powerful subjects such as money and time, communication and networking, play and pleasure, ritual and power, tribe and culture – and much more. Staying on our island disconnects us from others who would gain value and join us in our vision – depriving the world of our creative power! This course is the body of our creativity and projects in connection and in movement with life

Mastering the Game of Creativity  3- Day Workshop

A Powerful foundation – so you can create it all!

This course is about creating and “being” in abundance. The richer your life is – the greater the need to ground and balance commitments of time, social engagement, energy and attention to friends, business, family, health, pleasure, rest, silence, while taking care of your basic needs. This course – at its core – is about practicalities – if you do not sleep – you will not have the energy and attention to dream. If you do not dream – you will have no project to implement. The primary aim of this workshop is to build a strong and flexible foundation which will support any dream and see you through all of your created experiences. It is The bones of our Project.

“When we realize that everything we do is an act of our creativity – there is power in that. I teach people to become what I call – Conscious Creators – human beings actively engaged in each moment of their life, as a conscious creative act. When we decide this – we become Life Artists. We then return to our most natural state – abundance and pleasure, contact and connection, physical acts of clarity and intention, and the expressive use of our will – purposefully creating and living the lives we choose – thereby making a change in the world at large.”

Barbara Droubay


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