Master the Flow Of Your Creativity.

Conscious Creator – Creative Mastery Training

It’s a simple formula:



If you were given a new set of creative keys…what would you do with them?

What would dream, create, invent, experience?

What would you gift humanity with?

WHAT WOULD YOU DARE and believe possible of yourself?


One of the main reasons I created Life Artists is because I spent years asking myself exactly those questions. I did all the “fix it” courses – the never-ending self-betterment, and still, why was I again and again stuck? Why is it I knew what I wanted, loved it, was good at it – but consistently struggled with procrastination, lack of motivation – with energy fluctuations, or self-image issues? The old familiars and the litany of self-talk kept me struggling to really thrive and create how I knew I could; am I good enough – what would others think of me, maybe I was just kidding myself — etc.

All of this self-doubt was affecting not only whether I was getting my work out there or not – but far more crucially – it was affecting primarily whether I even started. All those great programs for my life and business -that  I knew would work – if I would only start! Time and again I was falling short on myself – and time and again – I would look for the magic button that would allow me to jump in and actually use all that I had learned. But again and again starting was a nightmare. And the second clear factor was once I did start – was I able to keep at it through the challenges that came up?

I was not alone in this, most creatives struggle with this. My mindset, self-belief, and follow through, were constantly being sabotaged by self-doubt, fear, low energy, and procrastination – and so I never utilized all that great knowledge I had.

These struggles took so much of my creative energy and sapped my self-confidence. I was far busier with my self-doubts than I was with my creativity. I was making and doing – sure, but I was tapping into only a small percent of what I was dreaming of.  It seemed so difficult – and I knew I wanted it – but I seemed to lack some crucial element. Discipline? Desire? Ideas? After years of searching, and years of wondering – I began to deeply doubt – maybe I just wasn’t meant to succeed. Maybe I just didn’t have that special something that it takes.

But then something magical and totally life-changing happened. I found the power of my BODY! I call it a homecoming and everything finally became concrete and practical. After all, we live here on earth as physical creatures. It was then that I understood – if I want my EXPERIENCE to change, it makes the most sense to work directly on what happens in my experience – not just in my mind and “feelings” – but directly where my experience lives and EXPRESSES itself.

That led me on a journey back to our origins, to the sensual, earthy, being of us. I began to direct my attention and perception to the inherent power of the body to be present – and wa-la – peak states such as Creative FLOW, focus, relaxation, attention discipline, energy, and motivation, became relatively easy to not only to create – but maintain.

These experiences changed my life – and so I developed ways of teaching this knowledge to others.

I call it Conscious Creation and have developed powerful trainings to recover and restore your creative birthright.


I claim confidence is a physical experience and the very tangible expression of an animal who can perceive and respond to its environment in the moment.


I call it Response – Ability. Once you re-involve your physicality into the equation of all you do – and all you are – you realize you are a Human – BEING. Not a human mind, or a human doing – but an animal – being and existing as one with all that lives. BEING – a supremely gorgeous state – full of natural, easy, sensual, physical creative energy. 

Life Artists Claims you are the Creator! All of life is creative  indeed the very fabric of existence is based upon creative energy. As part of this existence, you are pure creative power. Every one of us is magically and unbelievably mysteriously “created.” As much as we “think” we know all about it -do we really?

Life Artists claims that Mystery and the Unknown go hand in hand with Creation and Joy.

 I believe we are here so we can practice the great art of manifesting. Why else would we embody?

States like focus, confidence, relaxation, pleasure, strength, etc – when described as physical experiences, become very easy to manifest and maintain. In fact, these states are the inborn traits of an animal in touch with reality.

Learning to take action in your life is as easy as learning to tune into your physical nature and the world around you.


Life Artists’ – Conscious Creator Training, intends to remind you of this great endeavor, and support you to unravel old patterns held in your body that do not serve your present wishes and intentions.

To get rid of untruths that have intentionally left you confused and powerless, and recover in you – the keys to your creative power. 

We are Creators! – Creativity / Life / YOU  – are one and the same, and ultimately we are having a physical experience. SO…

Let’s see what you are here to do, be, and create!




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Ignite Your Embodied Passion!

Turn visualization – your creative dreams, ideas, aims – into reality – easily and effectively.

Creative Flow by Choice

Stop what is standing in the way of enjoyable and successful creative achievement.

Creativity is a Physical State

Recover your creativity and build the life and success you’ve always wanted.

What Conscious Creator Training Participants Are Saying


I did the year program, CONSCIOUS CREATORS. Barbara Droubay created a deep and intense group atmosphere that in this way I have never experienced before. The work with Barbara challenged and challenges me a lot. For me, it was very specially that on the same time I found myself always in an absolutely safe room. This atmosphere allowed that things started to move, change and flow. I am really thankful for that. I am waiting for more!! My wish list: More Workshops for Conscious Creators!!

Sonja Laaser

Attourney Art and Culture COunceling

I registered for the Conscious Creator Training because I was curious and after the first workshop Creative D.R.I.V.E. – I registered because I felt, I have to do it. Normally the main thing that would have prevented me to go to a workshop like this, is doing group work. In this workshop that was not a problem, being in a group felt natural and I met so many nice people with whom I can now talk with about my struggles to do what I want. It is so nice to be in this group, doing things together, see how people change, how they are more in their bodies, more vivid. I love it.

This Training gave me the confidence to dream big about my life, the confidence to go this way, without knowing exactly what to do. I made some big changes in what I am doing, that were needed, but I would not have done them before. So it gave me the possibility to change things easier if they were not fitting. It gave me my voice back, I was not able to speak that loud anymore. That gave me a lot of power back. Also, I experienced so much connection to the people who did the workshop.

What I also like very much, is to think and to change things, through the body. It’s like two things coming together, (mind and body) that have to be together to be complete, and that have to be together to really experience my life.

Seabstian Jobke

Phd Candidate Physics/ Body Worker Pantarei Approach

I have learned In the Conscious Creator Training; How freeing it is not to take myself so seriously, that I have a tendency to be all over the place and it serves me to slow down a bit because I experience life more fully then, and that we are all in the same boat!

With Barb’s workshops you already start to feel changes on the first day, masks start to drop, eyes become clearer and more present, and the child essence in people shines through them again. This is also what happened to me. After some initial skepticism – which is just part of how I usually approach anything – I quickly learned to trust her and her methods and noticed how minute by minute I became and am still becoming more free and happy

These workshops definitely give you the necessary boost, tools, and methods to break through your walls and start creating. For me, it was an eye opener in many things I had already known deep inside but was not really able to share or were even a bit buried and forgotten. So for example, I know now that just being a professional/recognized singer-songwriter is not at all enough to keep me dreaming. I want to save and heal myself and the world by becoming an example of authentic love and power, and it is beautiful and amazing to find people such as Barbara that not just inspire by embodying this same thing – but also give you tools and hope to actually make this dream come true. 

Faran Rachel

Musician/Songwriter/Singer, Noize from Afar

The Conscious Creator Training

  Starts with your Creative D.R.I.V.E. and ends with

Mastery of the Game Of Creativity!


 You just got a game-changing set of keys

for your Creative Confidence!

Creative D.R.I.V.E. System!  2 Day Workshop

Optimal states of Creative flow: by choice – no longer by chance!

It’s a physical thang!

Is This You?

  • Self-doubt is running the show. You would love to have a ton of ideas, but every idea that comes you tell yourself is not good enough.
  • You suffer from the everyone is doing it already, better, different. Reactions about yourself image – are beating you down.
  • You have great new ideas but Procrastination is all but stopping the implementation.
  • I got this – but working with others? Communicating my vision gets me all clammed up and shy.
  • I am stuck – not enjoying the creative process.

Start your engine! 3-day workshop

Discover Your Unique Purpose!

This 3-day workshop recovers your ability to envision and clearly know and powerfully claim what you want in your life – while letting go of being afraid or ashamed to want it. You will learn the power of a clear description to impliment your dream into reality, awaken desire and passion as a physical experience, and use you body as the grounding force behind your ideas.  We will look at the story we are telling ourselves – then zoom out to look at the collective story/dream – the beliefs, judgments, thoughts, and ideas we maintain and live by. We will challenge the way we think, judge, and utilize our mind to fixate or set free our points of reference in our lives. We will explore how ideas and inspiration always express themselves physically and learn powerful techniques using your physical state to affect your ideas and beliefs.

Cross the Wall & Start to Work! 3-Day Workshop

Turning the habit of “tomorrow” into actions in the NOW!

In this 3- day workshop, we will tackle the boogeymen of creative efficiency – Procrastination, favorite fears, creative shame, self-image and how we form it. In this course, we are learning the missing link to powerful manifesting – how we take an idea and shape it physically in our body – through our contractions, postures, breathing, and movement. It is the magic missing from all mindset and manifestation work out there! Once you know this – Procrastination becomes Motivation! This course is the action and implementation of your creative power. It relates to the fire quality in your creative being. Communication, action taking, the do-er and maker in you – the muscles and movement of  your will.

Leave Your Island – 5 – Day Intensive Retreat

Drop your Routines and rediscover life! 

In this 5 day Retreat – you will leave your personal island – the dogmatic ways you hold to your beliefs, ideologies, and behavior – keeping you from simply and effectively implementing your passion. We will challenge and question our routines, habits, and beliefs about powerful subjects such as money and time, communication and networking, play and pleasure, ritual and power, tribe and culture – and much more. Staying on our island disconnects us from others who would gain value and join us in our vision – depriving the world of our creative power! This course is the body of our creativity and projects in connection and in movement with life

Mastering the Game of Creativity  3- Day Workshop

A Powerful foundation – so you can create it all!

This course is about creating and “being” in abundance. The richer your life is – the greater the need to ground and balance commitments of time, social engagement, energy and attention to friends, business, family, health, pleasure, rest, silence, while taking care of your basic needs. This course – at its core – is about practicalities – if you do not sleep – you will not have the energy and attention to dream. If you do not dream – you will have no project to implement. The primary aim of this workshop is to build a strong and flexible foundation which will support any dream and see you through all of your created experiences. It is The bones of our Project.

Conscious Creator Training Results: 

Life looks like this afterward!


” Conscious Creator Training, in my opinion, should be the foundation course for all who are looking to achieve powerfully in life. It is the course that teaches you how to first master yourself – so you can stop the self-sabotaging patterns getting in the way of implementing and keeping you from utilizing and mastering all the tools, knowledge and skills you already have. “

Jennifer Austin – Founder at Comsystems


Embodied Visualization – My Dreams Come True!

I have daily new ideas and enjoy dreaming big

I use my imagination to envision my reality and create new possibilities

I enjoy thinking and have great planning skills

I can easliy focus and enjoy silence

I am light, flexible, quick, and innovative

Crossing Walls and Getting

It Done!

I enjoy a high state of energy

I can interrupt self doubt and nasty self talk

I know how I create my self- image and can choose my state of being

I use fear, frustration, and pain as motivators

I am motivated, self disciplined and confident

I am efficient in my work and can stop procrastination

Leaving My Comfort Zone and Challenging My Routines

I notice my routines and can choose to step out of them

I know where to place my will and attention

I set powerful intentions - joining life's intention to my own

I ask for the value of my work

I contirbute to a community and build a strong network

I am effective in my use of time and energy

Mastering The Game – I Am The Expert

I take care to meet my basic needs of rest, play, food etc

I am balanced in my relationship to work - family/friends and alone time

I am healthy, move regulary, relax effort, and engage fully my senses

I evaluate and eliminate what doesnt serve my aims

I explore, play, expand and enjoy living

I maintina a strong and powerful foundation

Don't Be Shy!

If I didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop me a line anytime.

When I went to The first of The Conscious Creator Training – I thought; “Ok, should I really engage into ANOTHER workshop in which I spend an intensive weekend, end up super tired and have just a transitory uplift of ideas and energy that is over in a week?

However, the Conscious Creator workshops have until now proved to give more energy than consuming and I have indeed received very useful tools which to apply in my daily life. Moreover, during some of the experiences sometimes there is a sudden click inside that changed my operating system of beliefs and patterns from within in a crucial and lasting way.

I am learning that I and mainly I am responsible for the experience I am having in my creative work and for my levels of energy and progress. Nobody else. This is empowering because it always brings the ball back to me. In addition, I am learning to live, experience and learn from my body as a supreme vehicle and source of creativity, and also as an expression of my emotional and mental states. It is a perfect reflection and a wonderful companion to work and play with. I have definitely learned new very practical ways of how to relate and with my creative energy and work.

This Training gives me the possibility to really make important and eye-opening experiences during the workshops and then immediately receive tools of how to keep going – on my own – during my everyday experiences. Moreover, I really enjoy the company of the really wonderful people who I’ve met there with their enthusiasm, open mind and hearts and inspiring ideas. It is also a great place to meet co-creators.

I get to know myself better, cope more efficiently with pressure and stress and use creative body-based tools to deal with creative blocks. I have also felt empowered to talk more freely about my creative projects, to be able to express clearly my needs and detect where and why something is not flowing in my work. I have also learned to keep going and see everything more as a game, as a series of experiences and have reduced the pressure of perfectionism to give more room for enjoyment and experimentation.

You should definitely go for it! The experience could bring freshness, inspiration, perseverance and solidity to your creative work. And most of all: you would learn to work efficiently and well with your own physical and creative energy and apply this know-how to anything you do!

A big, big thanks to Barbara Droubay for bringing this wonderful work out there!

Gergana Karaboycheva

Research Fellow - Charité Universitätsmedizin

To connect to my physical experience was a new thing and I was skeptical about it. But what I experienced by connecting to my body turned out to be very surprising and intense. Something in me changed. I gained a deeper understanding of myself, which gave me an experience of self-respect and dignity that is reflected in my creative approach, in my work, as in my life. I can handle stress much better and I can experience a more peaceful and easy life.

I now have tools to bring myself back to physical, intense, and grounded states of being. I also found like-minded people I can discuss my experiences with. =) and learned that creative fears and doubts were similar but still different for every person: depending on what they experienced in the past, where they came from/life experiences.

I gained from this, a deeper understanding of myself and on the one hand, more self-love/easier on myself and on the other hand I gained tools/perspective to change. I feel more balanced and treat my body more inclusively/integrate it/consider it.

Conscious Creator training is a deepening and grounding experience that yields understanding and insight and it’s probably a much better investment than just “working hard” or “planning well” =)

Chris Manthey

Unity3D Game Developer/Composer

Life Artists – We Are Creators!


Embody your Creative Power!


Life Artists aims to teach and empower people to fulfill their greatest creative potential. We are individuals committed to living our passion, businesses working for growth and social contribution, and communities working together for creative change in the world.

It’s time to realize the power you are:


  • Imagine if creating was the fun and absorbed interest it once was

  • Imagine if when you had an idea – you were able to run with it.

  • Imagine if when you set out to realize a goal – procrastination and self-doubt were replaced by motivation and confidence.

  • Imagine implementation becoming a blissful flow of focus, relaxation, attention, movement and energy!

  • Imagine being daily blessed by extraordinary colleagues and co-creators working together with you to create projects which not only excite and gift your life – but truly enriches your community, family, and the world.

  • Imagine learning to move freely from trial and error – knowing each step is building your expertise and leading you one step along your path of discovery.

  • Imagine joining an incredible community of like-minded creators – who love and know the pleasure of utilizing their physicality to embody their aims.

Conscious Creation is for you if:

  • You are hungry, angry, frustrated, yearning, wishing, aiming, striving, going for it no matter what.

  • You have no idea yet how to get there – but you know where you are – ain’t it!

  • You struggle with procrastination and low motivation and energy. You fight low self-esteem and your self -image gets in the way of believing in yourself and taking action.

  • You have been called undisciplined, distracted or unfocused…you never did quite believe what they told you.

  • Deep down in the place that is still you-you know you are beautiful and have something powerful to share and gift the world with.

  • You love to play and know you have forgotten how.

  • Curiosity, risk, motivation, joy, discovery, interest,  –  words you used to experience but it’s been a while.

  • You are a bit of a rebel, a bit of a romantic, a bit of a cynic, practical,  and like to see results.

  • you are bored, restless, unconvinced, sick of the lies, and ready to radically shift your experience!

  • You enjoy being physical – whatever shape, size, sex, or color – a body is beautiful and you like being alive.

Before Registering for the Conscious Creator Training I was skeptical that it would be a workshop that would cost a lot of money and give me a lot of “spiritual beliefs” that wouldn’t really get to the core of my problems. Beliefs I would not be able to connect to. But then I signed up because I really got intrigued by the introduction workshop which already showed me some really good insights about life and my creativity. I mostly signed up because I felt so great and alive during the Creative D.R.I.V.E workshop. Barbara talked a lot about feelings and emotions and just by talking about it and sharing thoughts with other creators, I didn’t feel alone and small anymore. This may sound cheesy but for the first time in my life, I felt like really getting to know myself, which was a beautiful, emotional and very calming experience!

I was surprised that Barbara was so authentic and that she really fights for her creativity and her ideas! Normally I would get bored and turned off very quickly if someone is not authentic about her/his shit. But Barb really has to give something to the world! That energy is circulating around the workshop and makes you wanna get out there and just do your shit!

The most important thing I learned is that I CREATE MY OWN  REALITY!! Which means that I can  feed my self-image with a lot of  old worn out pictures of me not being good enough for anything or I can create a new self-image that is willing to let me fly and put myself out there in the world, even if it means to fall on my nose from time to time. I also learned that my head and my thoughts can be tamed…that they are not the only reality. I learned to observe my emotional mechanisms and physical patterns, so I can recognize that I am repeating them all over again and that they make me feel bad. By recognizing this, I don’t get trapped in them.

I also got to know a lot of creative people which all have some kind of a struggle. That struggle is human. I used to think that  I was the only one who didn’t function the way I should. It made me feel part of something and drop my masquerades. From my experience and from my observations everyone during the workshops dropped their gear and were sincere. There was no need to brag or to make yourself bigger/better than the rest. I also liked the fact, that you are always working and learning with/from another person. No groups are formed, you switch partners a lot so that it is always one big group with one goal: getting creative and beat some nasty walls!  I learned about opening up to others. I learned to drop judgments and I learned how to get rid of a judgmental voice inside my head. I like the fact that the workshops are always playful and that there are no expectations. I like that the workshops are made up and taught by a woman.

I would recommend Barbs work to anyone who wants to learn about themselves and how to shift some old patterns that keep you away from the things you want to accomplish. Also, these workshops are not for the just listening- and -nod- your- head types. The good thing about it is that you need to put yourself really in there and work with yourself and think about the things that you took for granted so long.That means you are already changing and shifting some things during the workshops and that is truly liberating. 

Anisha Cornips

Film Maker - Babbelsberg

The Conscious Creator Training teaches you how to recognize what blocks you from reaching the goals you want to achieve, whether from reading a book you always wanted or beginning a business or even just simply stopping an old habit you want to quit.  Barbara teaches people awareness of how their own bodies react to certain emotions or thoughts. The body holds muscle memory and she teaches and trains how to release that muscle memory through various hands-on exercises. What each workshop gives you is very practical and hands-on tools one can take home and begin doing the next day. 

I like the personal aspect each Conscious Creator Year Training training has. Although it is done within a group setting, of two or more people, while in the training, one gets to focus on themselves and it becomes very personal and intimate.  At the end of each training weekend, I often felt like I had known almost every person in the group, for many years, like an old friend because we all just had gone through something together that was very deep and moving on so many levels.  These kinds of experiences are what bring people closer together in a very organic way. 

Sarah De Frutos Murgadella

Art Therapist

Creativity is a Physical expression…so when you want to get into Creative Flow, the more physical you are – the more pleasurable and effective your creative process becomes.

Flow doesn’t just happen by chance. As top athletes and performers know – flow is something you practice!

No doubt, no ambivalence...If you WANT and DARE to dream and make it happen, just go and learn there. Barbara is such an enthusiastic and warm teacher. She will lead you to clarify your goal directly and practically. And it's not complicated at all, but very simple and exact. I definitely recommend you to experience this journey!!

Ikue Maekawa


Embody Your Creative Power!