Upcoming Cross The Wall & Start To Work


Cross the Wall and Start to Work! – 3 Day Workshop

Turning the habit of “tomorrow” into actions in the NOW!


This 3-day workshop tackles your reaction to obstacles you encounter once you embark on our creative journey – such as procrastination, fear, moods, & energy fluctuations. When you learn how you embody these states – you gain the power to hack into them – setting free energy which you re-invested toward your project.

We tackle your reactions and specifically the way you become and act through maintaining them. You will hunt your self-image – learning how you form and create your reality. You will learn to become a shapeshifter – using your body to form the life you envision.

We approach creativity embodied and are addressing the physical element through – Energy levels, the use of movement, muscles, lungs and capacity to breathe, your heart and circulatory system. From a wider perspective this workshop addresses the fire element.


After completing this workshop you will be able to:

Raise or relax your energy level – by choice

Hold yourself and others accountable

Control your states of being – physically and emotionally

Use anger, frustration, and impatience, as energy

Take action

Stop letting your self-image run you!

Communicate and express yourself with greater confidence

Build consistency and follow through

Be flexible and expressive in your expectations

Trust yourself again

Bounce back from disappointment with ease

Stop Procrastination and self-motivated

Use mistakes to determine the next step and learn from

Be present, show up, and not be run by reactions.

Be able to respond in the present moment

Use Fear, pain, shame and disappointment as allies

gain natural self-discipline

Be efficient in your work




Skill Set


  • High states of energy

  • Able to stop nasty self-talk and self-sabotaging re-actions

  • Embodied sensual physicality – all my senses are involved

  • Group analysis of physical reactions

  • Motivation as a powerful physical state of energy = + e-motion + a strong motive 

  • Recognition of physical states of effort and contraction and can stop them

  • Realization of creativity as a physical expression – Response – ability

  • Physical and emotional strength, flexibility, strong heart 

  • Creative flow and agility in movement and energy

  • Physical and embodiment exercises – specific to muscles, energy, movement, heat, and heart. Circulatory system and muscular system


  • Communication skill – expression of all forms of Emotion = energy in motion




  • Cross the wall – workbook and visual diagram
  • Self-Image assessment tools
  • F.E.A.R. Resilience worksheet
  • Physical reaction assessment – body mapping tools
  • Personalized body analysis
  • Habit – layer Guide
  • Worksheets and writing exercises
  • self-evaluation questionnaires


  • embodiment training sets
  • Body reaction peer evaluations
  • Recapitulation and re-writing of personal story – Stop reactions to the present from the past

Network & Community:


  • Access to our creative community
  • A safe space to face fears and see them objectively
  • Mastermind groups related to your project
  • Tons of fun, with like-minded creatives
  • Valuable peer feedback
  • Network support when meeting Creative Blocks and shame


Cross The Wall & Start To Work Practice:


  • Reframing and Exploration of your personal story through specific physical cues and muscular/breathing/movement patterns
  • Energy Highs and Lows – how you create them and what you are addicted to as energy patterns
  • Looking into physical patterns you hold and their origins from history – specifically fear and pain – and shame and vulnerability


  • Network support when meeting Creative Blocks and shame as well as success and excitement

Making the Creative Process simple again!

The most valuable information for me was that my interpretation of people’s reactions is mainly based on my self-image. It challenged me to understand myself better and how I pretend to be versus how I really am. It also taught me that my body reacts to my thoughts at all times and if I want to be present, I need to be aware of the stressed and tense areas of my body, as well as my breathing. I would recommend this group because it provides us with tools to understand ourselves and move from what we think we are to what we want to be.

Mina Djordjevic


To connect to my physical experience was a new thing and I was skeptical about it.

It often turned out to be very surprising and very intense what I experienced by connecting to my body. Something in me changed. I gained a deeper understanding about myself which gave me an experience of self-respect and dignity that is reflected in my creative approach, in my work, as in my life. I can handle stress much better and I can experience a more peaceful and easy life.

I now have tools to bring myself back to physical, intense, and grounded states of being.

Chris Manthey

Unity3D Game Developer/Composer

I am truly surprised by the power, inspiration, and sustainability the course – and the tools in it – give to my daily life. The most empowering thing is that I learn to be in control of my emotions or mental states by connecting to my body and listening to my physical experiences. Out of this empowerment and physicality – I do create. Meeting and connecting with many other co-creators and their enthusiasm, open mind, and hearts is also very precious to me about this course.

Gergana Karaboycheva

Research Fellow - Charité Universitätsmedizin





We all have that great plan, idea, or vision – which sadly we seem always to put off for “tomorrow.” This creative habit leaves us with damaged self-trust and destroyed creative confidence. But WHY is it so hard? After all – you know what you want –

you just can’t seem to start!

In this workshop, we tackle the boogeymen of creative efficiency – Procrastination, favorite fears, creative shame, self-image/self- doubt and how we express the ideas and emotions we hold about ourself into the experiences we live. We will train practically how we create and hold history in our body and update our systems, stopping the hold reactions of the past have on our current expression, beliefs about ourselves, and our creativity.

We learn how we manipulate our energy levels in response to intensity and what we do with our will. We touch the heart and muscles of our creativity. What does love have to do with procrastination? What does fear have to do with creative success? How can I stop re-acting my “failures” and just START to work!

This is the workshop that gets you finally over that wall –

meeting creative follow-through with confidence!