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Dare To Dream – 3 Day Workshop

Reality Crafting starts with your Power to Dream

Discover Your Unique Purpose!


Any great vision, idea, project, or life – starts with the ability to imagine, to dream, and to make this dream as real as possible. We dream our world into being. Yet, most of us have lost our capacity to know what we want and to visualize and describe this in rich and motivating detail. Leaving us at a loss in how to turn our visions into reality. We end up with the feeling of lacking in purpose, true meaning, or passion for our lives.

In this workshop, you will recover your capacity to dream and open back up to the wide range of possibilities just waiting for you to discover. We will look at our personal dream – the story we are telling ourselves – then zoom out to look at the collective dream – beliefs, judgments, thoughts, and ideas we maintain and live by. We will challenge the way we think, judge, and utilize our mind to fixate or set free our points of reference towards our lives – stopping subconscious paradigms which control our actions despite our wishes. We will look at how ideas and inspiration express themselves physically, solidifying your learning through embodiment practices.

You will gain experiential practice of the power of perception, the senses, our nervous system -– and the use of our eyes in particular to envision our reality. In this workshop, you will tap into your unique purpose – allowing implementation to naturally unfold.

After completing this workshop you will be able to:

Question and challenge your subconscious paradigms

Laugh at yourself and question your beliefs

Focus and direct your attention where you want it

Tap into high sensitivity as gift of perception

Use visualization to motivate and give you energy

Redefine your labels and turn them into your greatest qualities

Stop self-judgement & negative self-talk – get your inner voice on your side

Declare what you are and what you are not

Want – what you want – what you want!


Separate your core values from the beliefs you picked up along the way

Enjoy inquiry, thinking, and planning

Use vulnerability as creative power

Cultivate creative command – self-control vs control freak

Connect to your intuitive compass

Shift doubt and distraction into idea and decisions

Use desire to light your creative fire

Distinguish between thinking vs describing vs judgment

Think from your heart!

Skill Set


  • Permission to dream big
  • Enjoy daily new ideas
  • Vibrant wishes & clear goals
  • Embodied sensual visualization
  • Group analysis of physical reactions
  • Declaration of intention
  • Life lust and excitement for future aims
  • Practical project evaluation
  • Thinking and planning skills
  • Lightness, speed, flexibility – Creative flow and agility in mental processing
  • Focus and silence practices
  • Physical and embodiment exercises – specific to the eyes, ears, head, and senses.



  • Motivation Map – Description tool to map out your motivators.
  • Gratitude and intention formula for success
  • Personal story template and guideline
  • Worksheets and writing exercises
  • Goal card template
  • Embodied visualizations
  • Self-evaluation questionnaires
  • Embodiment training sets
  • Thinking together – the power of the group mind
  • Accountability projects to keep you on track and deepen your process from workshop to workshop
  • Outlining the ‘lists’ we hold around out beliefs.

Network & Community


  • Access to our creative community
  • A safe space to face fears and see them objectively
  • Mastermind groups related to your project
  • Tons of fun, with like-minded creatives
  • Valuable peer feedback
  • Network support when meeting Creative Blocks and shame


Dare to Dream Practice:

  • Reframing and Exploration of your personal story


  • Productive daydreaming & brainstorming


  • Looking into beliefs system you hold and their origins


  • Defining values and redefining personal beliefs lists that support them.

Making the Creative Process simple again!

As a Life Artist, you tap into your physical power and create your reality. The only limit is your capability to dream. So learn how to dream big! Thanks for the great days of workshop.
Pualine Tonhauser

Founder Design Thinking Coach

This weekend I took part in the beautiful workshop Dare To Dream by Barbara Droubay – Life Artists. One of the very many extremely inspiring things learnt was the importance of daring to declare our dreams – having the courage to speak it out. So here is my declaration: My dream is to offer rooms and tools for people to connect with themselves and others – with their own playfulness, creative force, curiosity, needs… I dream of touching, meeting and engaging a lot a people – with trainings full of music, movement and the pleasure of being alive, with playful and challenging lectures and workshops that really make people engage, move and reflect, with texts and images and performances and stories… I would like to be able to give on what I am so grateful to have learned and experienced in these last years, the things I have been taught and that have been shared with me, things that I have discovered and explored and dug into… To give on the experience of how beautifully intense and at the same time strangely simple life can be when we allow (and invite!) it to touch us.


Hanna Nordquist

Somatic Coach

This weekend I’m joining the Life Artist’s workshop of the wonderful Barbara Droubay
She asked us to write a public post on our dream. I realized I cannot just write of one dream, so here’s what I’m daring to dream (against all socialized odds):

I want to make more Music. Record an Album. Full on. I want to solve the Middle East Conflict(s). I want to be a change maker in a powerful position in cultural policy and arts to make society a better place. I want to live in a drama-free, trustful relationship with my partner. I want to have open-hearted, clear, self-&-mutual respecting relationships with my family, friends, and all other people around me. I want to accept fear and pain as important factors in life and use them as a motor for my creativity.


Jamila Al -Yousef

Singer/Composer, Jamila & the Other Heroes/ Arab underground re:evolution


This 3-day workshop recovers your ability to envision and describe your projects until the point of execution. Our aim is to get you to the place where you know what you want, can describe it in detail, and are no longer afraid or ashamed to want it!   

Recover your capacity to dream and open back up to the wide range of possibilities just

waiting for you to discover.