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Upcoming Leave Your Island!

Leave the Island! – 5 Day Intensive Retreat

Drop your Routines and rediscover life!


Off-road exploration and journeys into the unknown! Leave your personal islands – upsize your potential growth & creative power through challenging your routines and surprising yourself – get out, try something new, and explore life! Life Artists living & creative life hacking!

Creative Living is following your curiosity and the excitement of discovery. It is the pleasure of meeting the unknown, the thirst for new experience, and learning by doing. In this Workshop we will leave our personal island – the dogmatic ways we hold to our beliefs, ideologies, and repetitive behavior – keeping us from simply and effectively implementing our passion. Staying on our island disconnects us from others who would gain value and join us in our vision – depriving us and the world of our creative power.

In this course, we challenge and question our routines, habits, and beliefs, about powerful subjects such as money and time management, communication and networking, play and pleasure, ritual and power, tribe and culture – and much more. This is the place where we will train and focus our will so that our intention can flow freely. When our will is directed toward expanding and opening possibilities, our small little island and routine ways of living no longer serve us. We want to get out and touch the lives of others – to inspire and be inspired. Want is replaced by need – we need to make a difference and social consciousness emerges organically. We become visionaries.

The aim of this 5-day intensive – full immersion retreat – is to question your holy cows, lay bare your scapegoats and let go of all the lame excuses which you are living in order not to be powerful. It’s time to leave your personal island – journey back out into the world, get involved – meet the neighbors, establish trade routes, discover places of beauty, learn to swim again – and surprise yourself! Your creativity demands it.





After completing this workshop you will be able to:

Be a Conscious Creator in all areas of my life.

Know where to place your attention and will

Raise or relax your energy level – by choice

Hold yourself and others accountable & trust yourself again

Control your states of being – physically and emotionally

Call intention; use attention and will to join intention.

Hunt your self -image through all four elements and in all areas of your life

Stop letting your self-image run you!

Communicate and express yourself with greater confidence

Be flexible and expressive in your expectations

Bounce back from disappointment with ease

Stop Procrastination and self-motivate.

Use mistakes to determine the next step and learn from

Be present, show up, and not be run by reactions.

Be able to respond in the present moment

Use Fear, pain, shame and disappointment as allies

Gain natural self-discipline, flexible structure, strength, and resilience

Be efficient in your work

Skill Set


  • Embodiment of will and attention
  • Able to choose self – image
  • Income – I can ask for what I am worth


  • Recognize pretense as a physical state and regain choice.
  • I have an established expert position
  • Recognition of physical states of effort and contraction and can stop them
  • I am assertive and go for my dreams
  • I build a strong network and community
  • Creative flow and agility in movement and energy
  • Physical and embodiment exercises – specific to digestion, e-motions and how we embody our self -image
  • Communication skill – expression of all forms of Emotion = energy in motion


  • Clarity of Intention


  • Use of earth energy of passivity


  • Use of earth energy to survive





  • 50-page manual and implementation worksheets/exercises/training
  • Creative Warrior Training – use of control, patience, generosity, timing, and will.
  • Exercises/training to dream, realize, implement, be visionary and execute it. D.R.I.V.E. your life.
  • Definition and clarity about personal routine
  • Profiling thoughts, moods, energy levels, action and habits/routines to gain real control
  • Definition and Use of the Petty Tyrant/Self-image training
  • Define and declare needs
  • Physical training and experience of earth energy with regards to passivity, anger, directed energy, the will to stop something.
  • Training experiencing your middle as a physical expression
  • Physical experience with energy of survival and it’s expressions; money, persistence, rest, pleasure, basic needs
  • Physiological expressions of earth, bone work, and strength in the legs, hips, ass, and loins.
  • Recognizing pretense as a physical state and regain choice.






Network & Community


  • Out time to reboot and dedicate your full attention to your creativity
  • A safe immersive space to face fears and see them objectively
  • Mastermind groups related to your project
  • Tons of fun, with like-minded creatives
  • Valuable peer feedback
  • TRIBE TRIBE TRIBE – fire, dancing, stories and group magic
  • Network support when meeting Creative Blocks and shame


  • Valuable feedback into how you learn – Mirroring – the use of this to become an expert


  • Experiential trust and fear sessions


  • excellent lodging, food, wellness and time to digest and integrate


  • Timing, structure, F.R.A.M.E. Training


  • Group work with history and stopping its hold on you


  • Partner tracking and mirroring to stop self-image


  • Group analysis of physical reactions



Leave Your Island Practice


  • Gratitude and daily intention practices


  • Reframing and Exploration of your personal story
  • Productive daydreaming & brainstorming
  • Looking into beliefs system you hold and their origins
  • Defining values and redefining personal habits and routines


  • F.R.A.M.E. Training





Making the Creative Process simple again!

In the workshops, I have learned a lot about self-image and about how we manifest our reality in our body. I loved the exercises on embodiment and mirroring. They blew my mind. Things became so tangible all of a sudden. I liked the fact that we used the

four elements when looking at the obstacles in our creative process during the “Leave Your lsland”-workshop. It provided a very complete picture. (And I think it was great to have the opportunity to go to a lovely place in the countryside for a couple of days to do this workshop.)

Barb is a great navigator on this voyage. It is an amazing thing to learn from and through your body, to learn about the obstacles in your creative process and how to overcome them. It is great to be around other creative people while doing so and that we can move out of it and create something new, how we can actually become the creator of our own life. I learned to trust my compassion and strength. I developing a more “go-for-it”-attitude. And a huge plus was getting to know some wonderful like-minded people, with some of whom I will be doing projects/stuff together with.

Ricarda Bruecke


Sometimes you don’t know which people you are going to meet when you go to a workshop. I don’t like when the atmosphere is too fluffy and not really honest. I also didn’t know much about the mentor. Creative Drive was a great possibility to get to know the mentor and other participants. I even registered for the year training conscious Creator after the Drive. I felt really good with Barb and the whole community. Felt like being in touch again with my inner artist and the creative part of me. I had good and very inspiring conversations and met a lot of like-minded people.

I met awesome people. People who inspire me. It didn’t expect this at all!

I learned (and still learn) to let go of societal restraints. I learn to have courage, to be visible in the world and to follow my intuition. And – very important – I learn to be in contact with my body. I discovered where my physical blocks are, and how they are interconnected with my mental and emotional states. I learn to live my life with more ease and more joy. That I can be anything I choose to be. Free, wild, cheeky, funny, serious, sensual – whatever. I learn to set intentions and experience them becoming reality. I don’t take my self so serious any more. That feels great!

The workshops give me more clarity about myself and my actions. I met people I don’t want to miss in my life. I discovered thought patterns that prevent me living to my full potential. I make decisions more consciously. I learn to breathe fully. I discovered how my body can be the key to change my thoughts, my emotions and the way I am living. It’s not only theoretical, it’s also very practical. I learn practical tools, how to change mental and physical states I don’t like. So at the end – I learn to live the life, that I yearn to live.

Julia Primavera


Focus your will so that our intention can flow freely. When your will is directed toward expanding and opening possibilities, your small little islands and routine ways of living no longer serve you.

When you harness your will – and know WHERE to will – then you manifest your Intentions. In fact, your intention then becomes life’s intention – (it already is!) The aim of this 5-day intensive – full immersion retreat, is to learn how and where to place your will so your intention can meet and flow with life’s intention. 

You will question your holy cows, lay bare your scapegoats, hunt your self-image, and let go of all the lame excuses which you are living in order not to be powerful. It’s time to leave your personal island – journey back out into the world, get involved – meet the neighbors, establish trade routes, discover places of beauty, learn to swim again – and surprise yourself!

Your creativity demands it.

Know where to place your will – and join life’s intention with your own. Creative Flow is the integral flow of Life. We just need to relearn how to connect!