Consistency in the Creative Process

Hello beautiful Life Artist!

Our body and creativity do not work well in extremes. Low states of energy and we will need a nap, become unclear, sluggish, and well… dumb. Manic or hyper states of energy, you know the caffeine and sugar high’s, lack of sleep buzz, and the belief that they lead to as if brilliant bursts of genius are in fact just huge survival power surges. We cannot maintain either level of energy consistently nor for long. That survival power surge is most often followed by longer states of burn out and ineffectiveness. (and please, as every creator knows, the bliss of that three-day burn is sometimes excellent,  but as a constant energetic state? You know what I am talking about) and Low states of energy over a long period of time lead to a lack of any real movement in our lives, depression, and loss of desire.

Most of us instinctively know, the yoyo effect is not leading to creative consistency. It is stress and simply a habitual way of reacting to fear.  To achieve consistency in our creative life, what we need is cohesive states of energy. What does this mean?

The basic meaning of cohesion is the unity of parts working towards the benefit of a whole and in this sense cohesion is a state where our body, emotions, and mind are in sync, as they are meant to be acting as one. As a basis for this attention to our basic needs basic bodily states of energy must be our priority.

To return to happy creative cohesiveness – ie: consistent creative flow – our body needs a few basic things.

  1. Make a reality check and get our mind film, self-image, guilt trip and negative conclusions about yourself back into reality. STOP: Check in to your physical energy level. Is this mood, belief, situation, communication stemming from lack/or amped up energy? Check into your reality now. Am I hungry, do I need to take a shit, am I jacked up on stimulants, am I sleeping enough, do I move, am I breathing? AND THEN ACT UPON THIS. Eat, take a power nap, go for a walk, dance around your office for one song, stop drinking that coffee and don’t reach for a cookie, drink, consciously breathe and move. Then see the result!
  2. Manage your state. Be Preemptive – when our body goes into survival mode, it is VERY hard to think, VERY hard to notice your surroundings, others, and your states, it is very hard to be responsible and get yourself out of that panic when you are already running for your life! Manage your energy levels all day long! Make a priority to eat, sleep, move, play, rest, and breathe. In order to shift our level of energy from a fight, flight or freeze states, to a relaxed, in flow, cohesive, consistent CREATIVE state, energy is an absolute must!
  3. BREATHE – the easiest most effective application for energy is something we do all the time:  breathing,  think about it, something that is dead doesn’t breathe, something full of life and passion is full of breath! Train to notice your breathing (check out my frame training on how to breathe) amped up? pay attention to your out breathe, slow the speed and effort in your breathing. Need a boost? breathe fully and more, change the speed and variety of breath, for variety in your flow of energy.
  4. 4. MOVE – Movement is essential to build energy levels and essential to move forward as the word implies! So, a movement is as essential as breathing and they always go together. Things that don’t move are dead, ie: No energy.  I know the metaphor is hardcore, but it is fact. You need to move to be alive, the more you move the more alive right? So, you are slow and low in your motivation and action taking or all over the place losing focus? Tune into your body and generate movement to create your desired state. Need a boost? Move quickly, and intensely and watch how fast your energy state ie mood, and experience changes. revved too high? Find movements that promote relaxation, BUT DO MOVE! Energy and movement are one creature!



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Answer these questions to yourself and comment your answers below!

1. Based on what you discovered what are your tendencies of lowering/increasing your energy level and how does this affect your consistency?

2. In what way can you commit to shifting your levels of energy today?

Example: I tend to stop moving for long periods. Today I will stand up, move, stretch and breathe fully every half an hour.


Creative D.R.I.V.E. in ACTION

Weekly implementation to deepen your practice! Simply do yourself a favor and while working with these questions – STAY PHYSICAL!

1. Describe the mental movie you use to interrupt your creative consistency.

2. List times, places and ways you can implement breathing, movement, and taking care of your states of energy.

3. How will you give yourself reality checks?


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