Creative Envy – Embodied Mirroring

This week we are going to discover how envy and creative jealousy not only is necessary to for our evolution but actually serves our creative drive!

We have the idea that when we feel envious of someone’s success, talent, achievements – it is a negative experience -right?  But is this the only possible outlet for states of envy? Stuff it away, feel guilty and smile despite the frustration we feel? Can creative envy actually serve you and boost creativity?

The answer is a big YES! When we are embodied – envy becomes a creative flow of physical energy – and a powerful and motivating embodied strategy called mirroring!

So, let’s get started!

What is envy?

Oxford dictionary defines envy as “the desire to have a quality, possession, or other desirable thing belonging to (someone else).”No problem, right?

But what often happens when we see another person’s success – someone else is doing and succeeding at what we are working towards, hopeful of, and possibly haven’t reached yet. We often associate another’s success with pain and disappointment. More importantly – their success suddenly seems to mean something about my own ability to succeed!

This is where envy turns into that pit of the stomach burn, that exhaustive frustrated feeling and the heartache – the guilt trip we give ourselves for feeling this and the evil little stories we then say to our “self” – “they are better, I am not that great, I will never achieve this, I am an asshole for even feeling this – why can’t I be happy for them….etc.”!  That is the envy we are ashamed of and try to not express – nor admit we even feel. But we do. It is exhausting and a total mind trip.

At its base envy is reflecting desire. Desire – when experienced embodied as physical energy – is a surge of energy, warmth and excitement, interest and curiosity – leading us to open up to our surroundings, communicate, learn and connect. As you have heard me say — Desire is the supreme motivator and can lead us – if used well – to move us out of our comfort zone – to not give up and to be inspired.

So, how can we shift our experience of envy from disappointment into an experience of desire?

  1.        Step one: Recognize you are the author of the story you are telling yourself (thoughts) and realizing (feelings) about another’s success and your perceived “lack” of success. When you believe that mind trip – How does it make you feel – frustrated and depressed or curious, or interested and healthily pissed off – as in motivated!

Here’s where it gets exciting; Envy is the abstracted mind version of the very physical and powerful embodied state of DESIRE!  From the standpoint of your body – Desire is the powerhouse of achievement! It leads us to our greatest learning and creates high states of pleasure, energy, movement, and creative flow.

  1.      SO – Agree to allow desire – Agree, I want that too!  Let go of the brainwashed shame that you have inherited around wanting! Let go of the shame of simply relaxing into the truth that yes – of course, you also want that! It is in your nature as a creator to expand – so yes – agree—I also want that! Reach into the Deep and intense desire wanting to flow and MOVE YOU INTO ACTION! Envy as a physical experience is pure desire. It is the expression of “I WANT THAT and I am gonna GO GET IT!
  2.      Shift your mindset focus on body attention. Feel the energy flowing as a physical experience. Feel and be the intensity of all that energy coursing through your body! If you didn’t “call” this experience hatred, rage, frustration – If you didn’t believe “I suck – they are better” and fixate your body into contraction, stress, and immobility – what would it be? Tune in then to your Experience – what is your physical state – are you churning in your stomach, holding your jaw, are you stiff and contracted in your chest? And notice- can I change this state – can I relax, can I breathe, can I move and expand my chest a little. What does this create in my experience? When I admit that I want this, relax into this and then physically change my state – what does this allow?
  3.     As a physical and evolutionary strategy – “envy” or desire and wanting something led us to “mirror” others – and LEARN! The act of mirroring is a fantastic way to take the experience of gut-wrenching envy – and turn it into motivating desire. Purposely USE envy and desire to research, model, collaborate, and learn from those who you are going to be like. Use your natural physical drive of “I WANT THAT” to surround yourself with achievers and mirror their behavior, their movement, their mindset, their energy levels, their experiences and approach to life.

I guarantee you – the more you shift from envy and the mind centered belief around yourself which is lacking – and shift it to “modeling and physically mirroring” those who you are “envious of” – your experience will radically change!

And that is what I am teaching at Life Artists – embodiment strategies to create the experiences we are wanting to have! Practical, physical and expressive!

Enjoyment IN SUMMARY

1. At its base, envy is a reflection of our desire. Recognize you are the author of the story you are telling yourself about another’s success and your perceived “lack” of success.

2. Envy is a creative flow of physical energy – and a powerful and motivating embodied strategy called MIRRORING!

3. Model and physically mirror those who you are envious of and turn the abstracted mind version of envy into the physical and powerful embodied state of DESIRE.

And remember –
You are the Creator – when you embody your creativity – you manifest your dreams!



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Answer this questions to yourself and comment your answers below!

1. What is your experience of envy in your creative process? What qualities, feelings, and experiences are physically held when experiencing envy – And now, tell us what do you actually desire that you are holding back?

2. How did focusing your attention on your physical experience and states of energy – allow you to relax envy and instead agree to want -to desire? How did you feel after training, and how do you plan to integrate this into your life?



Creative D.R.I.V.E. in ACTION

Weekly implementation to deepen your practice! Simply do yourself a favor and while working with these questions – STAY PHYSICAL!

1. Write down 3 people you are envious towards;

2. Describe the things they have, that you want – agree to want;

3. Now describe the feeling, and quality that having these things would give you;

4. Now describe the experience you want to have – the physical state – relaxed full of energy etc. Notice as you describe this you are becoming this physically. Choose to recreate often the experience of this desire –

5. As you explore – allow your attention to include your bodily state, your senses you breathing and physical states and allow yourself to create these states.


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