Creative Investment = Creative Commitment

Most of us want to invest our energy and time in something worthwhile. We seek out experiences in which we can invest our attention, love, and desire toward. We also seek ways to measure the results of our investment in order to make healthy decisions, take the next steps, and most importantly feel and experience that we are on the right track.

Investment at its base has to do with what we do with our attention and energy – our thoughts, desires, and ACTIONS focused toward an aim in reality. When all is going well – this is a direct process – we invest of our resources – our energy and attention towards a desire, which gets immediately expands into feelings, and expressed as actions in our body – and this flow creates our experience.

Yet often our resources, energy, and attention are mismanaged instead of supporting our intentions and carrying out our desires – gets “invested” inwardly – into the bank of negative thoughts and beliefs. And as we know – when we are investing in self- doubt, getting ourselves motivated, clear, and taking action becomes super hard. We don’t’ seem to have the energy, and our attention is all over the place. Like in life, when we mismanage our investments – we tend to lose our resources! In today’s vlog let’s look at how to invest our resources from the body’s point of view!

We will focus first on to what we are investing our energy and attention; the thoughts we produce that lead to the reaction of our life – and then look at the where and how we are investing: manifestation in the body – and where and how to quantify and measure our investment based on our physical experience.

So let’s start with thoughts.

Let’s take a common situation as an example. Your project and life asks you to invest of yourself in some way – to share who you are and the unique vision you have to give; you look around and see others doing this and it is time to jump in the ring – and in these moments what do you think and start to feel?

Do you think of the action you will take, practice the feeling and see the results you desire in advance? Do you script your experience how you want it? Do you go for the desire instead of the doubt?

Or do you think that what you have to give is not important, worthy, brilliant, or interesting enough? Do you think that you are lacking? I don’t have enough to give, enough to do it, enough to start – money, talent, looks, you fill in your favorite enough. How many of you are stuck in investing your attention in states you do not wish instead of states you want? I am not enough for instance!

At Life Artists, my aim is to allow you to rethink and therefore reshape your reality – and when we are trying to create new experiences – it is vital that we not only change our mind but reshape our body – creating the frame to practically experience the reality of your choosing.

Whatever you consistently invest your attention toward – maintain and pattern into our body, through our thoughts, feelings, and actions, – WILL manifest as your experience.

So Let’s take the practice of never being enough from before; when we practice this through – the experience that we create and manifest in our actions is?… needing to be more right;

Practically this expresses itself as a never-ending investment of our time, energy, love, and attention – with the physical expression and experience of effort – stress, tension, and anxiety. The more we need to “do” and “be”– the less we are able to experience being enough — if I and my actions are never enough— the feeling I will have and the experience I will create – will be exhaustion, hopelessness, lack of confidence, self-doubt, pain, and fear, leading to procrastination, avoidance, and retreat. It’s very practical our body – this feels like crap – so let’s not do it!

When we practice investing our resources into this thought, creating repeatedly these feelings and experiences, eventually we won’t want to invest anymore. Why would I give my attention, love, energy, and resources if I end up having a shit experience? Sound familiar?

So, we start instead – to hold back investing our time and attention, love, talents, gifts to the world – based on the continued mental practice and physical manifestation of trying to be more.  And phew— ultimately we end up fulfilling perfectly our original practiced thought – I am not enough —we end up retreating and we give as little of ourselves as possible, and our reality then mirrors this back to us as our experience. We never have enough time, not enough abundance, not enough love, success – and because our attention and focus are invested fully in this image of reality – we completely miss all the experiences that are equally available to us – of abundance, confidence, success, and happiness.

I REALLY WANT TO STRESS THIS GUYS – it is so important – ideas create and focus our desire. Yet Ideas alone do not manifest this desire and create our experience – we need our body for this.

Our body not only allows us to express or manifest desire into a form – making it our lived experience – but our body allows us to check in to reality and measure our experience to see how our investment is serving us – is my time, energy, and attention-getting me in my reality the result I am wanting?

Experience is a physical thing – and if we anchor our ideas within the physical – this allows us to practice, quantify, and measure our states of being – meaning “enoughness” becomes tangible. We succeed at something and we feel it and this changes our mind in a positive way – allowing us to move forward. Based on the positive feedback from our experience we can learn and repeat this statement. Because we know HOW.

Our body works in concert with our mind – but mind ideas or positive thinking will not work without the practical experience of our body. As we have seen in practice, our beliefs manifest – always. Our body always realizes our minds thoughts and beliefs – We physically become where we invest our energy, thoughts, and beliefs. And where we invest in consistently – becomes our lived experience—a life of abundance or a life of not being enough.

What that means for our lived experience is that we powerfully create situations that meet our expectations and fulfill perfectly our beliefs, emotions, and actions. As the powerful creators, we are – we create an environmental proof and quantifying our invested energy, thoughts, feelings and actions into the experiences we end up living and loving.  When we practice to think our most desired outcome and use the body to recreate states in which we have already experienced what we desire – this then serves as a blueprint to repeat – to invest in and support our creative power toward that which we desire.

Just like any investment – we need proof that our attention is giving us the results we want – and this comes through tuning into our experience. If we tune into our physical states when we are trying to manifest our desires – we will find the physical clues which are creating our experience. And if we pay attention – these clues are embodied states that we can repeat and practice. So let’s practice this now so you get a practical idea of what I am talking about!

Creative investment IN SUMMARY

  1. Investment, at its base, is what we do with our attention and energy: our thoughts, desires, and ACTIONS focused toward an aim in reality.

2. Our resources, energy, and attention are mismanaged. We “invested” inwardly – into the bank of negative thoughts and beliefs – instead of supporting our intentions and carrying out our desires.

3. You physically become where you invest your energy, thoughts, and beliefs. Does your investment serve your highest aims?

And remember –
You are the Creator – when you embody your creativity – you manifest your dreams!



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Answer this questions to yourself and comment your answers below!

  1. To what idea or belief about yourself or your situation do you invest the most? Does this investment serve your highest potential?
  2. How did focusing your attention on your physical experience and the states you are creating, allow you to learn, re-choose where and how to invest your attention, energy, focus, and love?  How did you feel after training, and how do you plan to integrate this into your life?



Creative D.R.I.V.E. in ACTION

Weekly implementation to deepen your practice! Simply do yourself a favor and while working with these questions – STAY PHYSICAL!

  • Take a sheet of paper: write down the experience you created now. And clarify physical areas you wish to train with – example; when I am shy I hold my chest and belly like this – but when I re-create the experience I have had of confidence and ease – my belly is soft, I breathe deeply, and I look up.
  • Recreate or practice this state as often a possible – deepening and expanding your investment of attention, and energy toward the experience you wish! Choose different areas to pay attention to, breathe move or relax with these areas while picturing your most desired state.


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