Training week 1

Welcome Life Artists!

We took our time to create the best content for you, and here it is!

This is our first blog post and video ever and we are so proud of it.

In this training session, you will learn to recognize how doubt feels to you and how it is manifesting itself as a physical experience – giving you control over your state. We will then move our attention to physical states of excitement and the willingness to dream – to shift from the physical embodiment of doubt into the flow state of DESIRE. 

So, go on, have fun, enjoy this training and use it as often as you wish to train shifting from doubt into states of empowering and motivating desire. 

Daring to Dream or Diving into Self -Doubt – Summary

  • We always dream – Either you are dreaming doubt or dreaming desire.
  • Doubt is your reaction to the unknown and focusing on the “what if’s” instead of the possibilities.
  • Agreeing to the unknown and relaxing into embodiment, brings you back in the now and back into creative flow.


One of the biggest boogeymen we face as Creators is “self-doubt”

Self-doubt is all the little voices that counter our productivity, our pleasure, our confidence. It stops us from just going for it, from taking that next step, and from expressing our love for what we are doing. Fact is, we all know this creative roadblock intimately.

But what is doubt actually? And more importantly, how can we move our attention back to our physicality, back into simply taking action, back into Creative Flow?

I propose that doubt will always be around – it is an expression of reality.  All the what if’s that plague us are the voicings of one very real fact of life – that WE DON’T KNOW!

We don’t know what will come, what the next moment will be.

“Anything that wishes to stay alive, our projects included, will at times experience doubt – simply because the unknown is facing us”


The key to moving back into flow is to recognize this and agree. Sounds crazy – but if you think about it – doubt is not the issue. It is what we DO with doubt that creates either creative flow or creative blocks.

In today’s training, we will explore how you personally and physically express self-doubt.

Life Artists claims that you are the creator –  and it is the creation of an experience that you are aiming for as a creator – as well as the stopping an experience that you no longer want. That experience or creation is in your control and it is always manifesting as a physical state.


Once you know what you are expressing – therefore what you are manifesting  – you can choose to expand or shift out of this – by choice. This is creative power. 


So, let’s look together at the physical experience you are creating with the doubts roaming around your head and do some training to get you back into the physical state that will allow you to address this doubt and return to creative self -confidence!


Doubt is not the problem – who you become and what you do in response to doubt is what interrupts creative flow!

And remember –

You are the Creator – when you embody your creativity – you manifest your dreams!






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  • What do you do when doubt stops your creative flow? Tell us your strategies.


  • How did the physical training reconnect you to your self-confidence and how do you plan on implementing this into your daily life?




For those of you who wish to deepen your practice! Simply do yourself a favor and while working with these questions – STAY PHYSICAL! 

  • Make a list of all the doubts you believe and are saying to yourself – just get them down and visible
  • What on your list is total nonsense – cross it out. By nonsense I mean just mean self-talk that only serves to trap your attention in negative and self-destructive self-talk
  • What on your list is simply states of meeting the unknown? Can you agree to that experience, laugh, relax, breath, and above all let go of the shame of not knowing and simply accept that yes, these worries, fears, unknown situations may or may not come true and can you take that next step anyhow?
  • What on this list is something that truly needs your attention? Can you explore this further especially while maintaining the physical state you now have? Can this be a source of curiosity, problem-solving, responsibility, and action taking?



We wanna hear from you! 

WE:Think with us!