F.R.A.M.E. Embodiment Training week 2

Deliberate Dreaming

How often do you purposely use imagination to create the experiences you wish to achieve?

Hello Life Artists –

Do you know the pleasure of daydreaming, of letting your mind dream, imagine, wonder and freely create? Do you remember how pleasurable and creative it can be, and how many ideas pop up? We imagine all the time – but have you ever really examined what you are doing?

The way I look at it – daydreaming is essentially movie making. Life Artists teaches that:

Imagination starts the process of creating. The details and vividness of your dream directly determine how real your lived experience becomes.

The amount of emotion this “daydream” stirs up in your senses and how you then react and embody this daydream – directly affects how you will create and experience reality. Based on that – How often do you purposely set up this powerful act and deliberately dream the state you wish to achieve?

What I want to talk about in this video is what I call Deliberate Dreaming – the act of deliberately setting up the image of something we want to create and by doing so exploring states of being to achieve this.

The thing is – you daydream all the time. You are imagining constantly the situations and experiences you long for, as well as states that you don’t want. But let’s face it – more often than not, we spend our time imagining anxiety, worries, rehashing the things you should have done, said, been, and shaming yourself for all you should do, be, and create – but didn’t.

How does that show up in your life and how does that make you feel?


Imagination is the function of connecting experiences and images to form new possibilities. The important thing to recognize is, science has actually proven that for the brain – these images are no different than a real situation. Think about that!

The images and the mind movies you are consistently showing yourself – are becoming your reality!

We are amazing creators, and our life dreams and imagination are unlimited. You create all the pictures and scenes, the successes, pleasures, curiosity, and the moods of your internal trip – but let’s agree,

…the content of your dreams is always up to YOU!

So, let’s put two and two together – if the images we are imagining are creating our physical responses and the bodily state from which we take action – then what if – instead of imagining possible failure and doom and gloom – you 

…deliberately set up dreaming – purposely use your imagination to see yourself taking action, succeeding, enjoying and living the life you want!


In this next training, we are going to deliberately choose to dream the experiences we wish to have – instead of obsession with the things that might not work. It is the same process of dreaming – one simply feels better and serves our aims.


Deliberate Dreaming in summary

  • A detailed, vivid description and motivating emotions determine how real your experience/ your dream becomes.
  • Choosing what you visualize and think about is a powerful act of creation and the content is up to you!
  • Deliberately choose to dream the experience you wish to have and then embody it for manifesting power!


And remember –

You are the Creator – when you embody your creativity – you manifest your dreams!





The place where we talk it out as a community – get involved, share your truth, your struggles, thoughts, and wins!



  • How often do you let yourself daydream or deliberately dream and how is it a part of your creative process? Tell us your experience of imagination in your creative process?


  • How did the physical training reconnect you to your creative dreams and how do you plan on implementing this into your daily life?


Creative D.R.I.V.E. in ACTION

Weekly implementation to deepen your practice! Simply do yourself a favor and while working with these questions – STAY PHYSICAL! 



  •  Describe your dreams in great detail  – use descriptions; who, how, where, what, when, instead of beliefs, conclusions, and judgments.


  • Describe how it feels and where, in the body, this experience and dream state is expressing itself – I can take a deep breath, my chest and belly feel relaxed, there is excitement in my body etc…


  • Based on that dream – what could you change in your NOW state – your day to day physical expression and way of communicating and being? Can you stand, walk, move, breathe like the creator in your dream?




We wanna hear from you! 

We:Think with us!