Dosing creative fear – a little goes a long way!

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One of the most common questions I am asked by creators is how to deal with fear. Fear is a huge subject! So, In this week’s video, I will focus on how fear works in our bodies and the positive uses of it. How much fear is good for us? And how to dose it so it serves us.

Fear of fear and fear of pain: We know that fear and pain states are definitely motivating, and many tactics of motivation (and control) use fear and pain to get you running. Think of the news and politics, think of the school system, think of the bully or the manipulator. Fear, and pain. Many of us grew up experiencing and still using fear and pain states to either motivate us to stop doing something or to push ourselves into doing something. Yet if we are honest, long-term fear and pain wear us out and make us less interested in challenging our self.

Fear alone, for long periods of time, most often lead us to retrieve and becoming simply paralyzed. I do not believe that using only fear and pain to motivate ourselves is our best option. Yes, fear and pain are very effective, BUT only fear and pain lead to survival based living and actions – instead of states of creativity.

Today I will focus on how fear flows in the body and how purposely micro dosing fear can positively affect our motivation. and then give you the training to shift the reaction of paralysis and low motivation into movement allowing you to take the next step!

This is what fear and fear of pain, survival responses, do in your body:

You are walking in the jungle (aka your daily life) and suddenly a leopard (aka a possible threat or challenge to your livelihood, desire, freedom) appears. Now nature has us covered, in fact, our whole system is primed with chemical responses for just such an emergency, adrenaline, cortisol, a whole set of chemical responses surge your body/brain, your senses, muscles, breathing responses aimed for one purpose to make you highly attentive, focused and ready for action – NOW!

Ideally, all this attention and high acuity in our senses would lead us;

  1. To notice: hey no danger – the leopard is not interested in eating me today. Then all that attention can go into states of action based on wonder, focus, energy, appreciation, and gratitude for life and the beauty it is creativity.
  2.  To notice – yep – this danger is for real – leading us to run (flight response) and all that energy and attention allow our body to take action with strength, focus, clarity, and speed.
  3.  To fight.
  4. As a last-ditch resort – to freeze.

Now, freezing evolutionarily meant – ok, I am pretty fucked. Let me hide and hope like hell that Jaguar doesn’t find me. Let me barely breath, not move, become small, and play as if dead! Many animals do not eat dead prey and if I am “dead” maybe, just maybe I survive and I might avoid pain.

Now the thing is, we all know what that freezing state looks like, feels like, and leads to in our creativity – procrastination, avoidance, nothing gets done and I suck- we become paralyzed. When you play dead your real life and actions mirror this they become also as if dead! And this is what we experience instead of acting out of our wish and desired result. We act out of fear and fear of possible pain. Avoidance, procrastination, pleasing others then become our actions. NOT WHAT WE WANT!

We are a human animal that once spent most of its day in a great variety of physical movements. We ran, fought, hunted, built, played, met real challenges to our life in our surroundings.  Today for most of us – those real-life tests of our courage and strength are missing. Our bodies are missing tests of courage, acts of strength and the challenge to claim our boundaries and desires and instead of the physical challenge and possibly win that comes with physically meeting fear, we tend to live out fear and our heroes tales solely in our mind or in movies! Just think of the game of thrones! The body loves a good challenge, it loves a little bit of excitement and yes fear. It loves intrigue, a great puzzle and even spikes of downright oh shit! The key here is How much! A little fear is called a challenge a lot of fear is called paralysis

Reality is: our bodies love a broad range of experiences, movements, interests, challenges and has actually trained this for millennia. Our bodies feel most well not with dulling repetition but with variations in how we use our attention and energy, how much excitement and change- Too much excitement feels scary – too little is numbing and boredom is the result. Finding the right dosage is the key!

So how can we use fear as an ally?

Use fear to challenge you, and test your courage. Set yourself a few over the top pleasure inducing desires, things that really seems outrageous but tantalizing, adventurous and wild yet just might be possible. Something that when you think about doing and being, makes you all brave inside.  Describe in detail all the reasons why you want this. What you could get and what you want to feel in doing so, and all the emotions of fear and then practice the physical state which mirrors and embodies this and you have a wonderful cocktail for motivation!

In today’s training we are going to explore how you are freezing and learn to recognize this state in your daily life, so you can shift your embodied state, relax out of fear and paralysis and move back into action


1. A little fear is called a challenge – a lot of fear is called paralysis.

2. Our bodies love a broad range of experiences, movements, interests, challenges and it has actually trained this for millennia. Our bodies feel most well with variety in how we use our attention and energy.

3. Our bodies are missing tests of courage, acts of strength and the challenge to claim our boundaries and desires.

4. Combine the emotions of fear with a vivid, challenging desire and the physical state which mirrors and embodies this excitement – and you have a wonderful cocktail for motivation!

And remember –

You are the Creator – when you embody your creativity – you manifest your dreams!



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Answer this questions to yourself and comment your answers below!

1. What new desire that scares you a bit can you use to challenge and motivate yourself?

2. How did shifting your attention to your physical experience allow you to shift from mind fear to bodily excitement and energy? How did you feel after training, and how do you plan to integrate this into your life?

wethink-Dosing creative Fear


Creative D.R.I.V.E. in ACTION

Weekly implementation to deepen your practice! Simply do yourself a favor and while working with these questions – STAY PHYSICAL!

  • Write down a few desires and dreams and describe in great de the WHY you need them, what will you get, feel, experience, and give, share, change because of this. Now describe who you will BE in that desire. Physically, emotionally, how will you talk, walk, etc
  • Write down what scares you – and all the reasons why you should not go there.
  • Use your fears to train and embody FRAME state’s – train and then answer your fears from this state of being.


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