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In today’s vlog, we are going to talk about ENERGY!  There is no life without energy. Not for you and not for your project.

I propose that most of us, most of the time, don’t have a motivation issue. We don’t have a self-doubt issue, we aren’t inherently nasty, lazy, incapable. We don’t have an issue of focus or discipline, what we struggle with is what we do in our body and how we promote and maintain states of being that gives us joy, interest, pleasure, and energy. Or the contrary – our tendency to repeat and practice living in states of anxiety, stress, boredom and agree to do things we don’t like, find no pleasure in and yet pretend we do.

Each state we choose to embody – gives us energy or drains our energy – and each gives us a very specific experience in our day to day!

Today I want to talk and train how we can shift our experience to one that meets our desire, joy, and pleasure by shifting our states of physical energy!

In the creative process once we have allowed ourselves to dream, chosen something that we get excited about and really go for it, motivation, focus, discipline, are rarely Issues. Truth is you love your dream project, but often the thing that „feels“ like lack of motivation, stress, or anxiety is simply, very simply a physical state of energy!

When we are low on energy, our body experiences it immediately. When we have little energy or our energy is amped up and anxious. This immediately starts to affect our brain states and our thought processes, our ability to focus, concentrate and be attentive. Our muscle control, our heart rate, breathing and blood pressure then change and respond to our brain chemicals and all of this affects our feelings, and ultimately our experience of what is happening. Often based on this chain reaction, doubt and distraction begin to take over.

We then start our favorite game of telling ourselves how shitty we are and we can even prove it – just look at our low state of productivity, our shitty mood, our grouchy behavior! We ask ourselves what is wrong with us and „feel“ all kinds of our favorite feelings – worry, pressure, guilt –  which soon enough spirals out into you suck, your project sucks, and no one loves you!“

The thing is, as we are spiraling out in our minds and our moods our body is just trying to get our attention and pass a very simple message – helloooo – I need some energy! But because we are obsessed with our mind movies, jacked up on molecules of emotion we forget to make a needed reality check ie; body check. If we did, we would quickly understand this experience, this emotional mind trip has more often than not nothing to do with our project, or with our lack of motivation, or our self-image, it has very simply to do with our energy level!

Remember when we are operating from a survival mode – we are not interested in our project – we are interested in eating, shitting, running, sleeping- surviving – staying alive.

In order to have optimal states of flow we must get into the thriving mode,  create and maintain states in which we feel well, nourished, alive – and this – above anything else – very basically means to manage and take care of our levels of energy! Guys, it means basic things like eating, moving, resting, BREATHING! Without energy, we cannot create.

I maintain that most of our creative crisis’s have nothing to do with a self-issue, but instead is an energy issue, bodily signals to move, breathe, eat, relax, rest, which if we pay attention to and do allow us to maintain optimal states of energy and be attentive to fluctuations in my energy flow and recalibrate for my optimum experience. Instead, we have turned this biological signal into an EMOTIONAL reaction about our self.

But it’s true, we all know it! You are having the worst panic attack ever and then realize you haven’t eaten since yesterday. You just can’t focus and hours are drifting by on facebook and you realize – I haven’t moved, peed, stretched in hours! I just chewed out my coworker, went into a guilt spiral, before realizing I haven’t slept more than 5 hours for weeks.  

What if during your next existential crisis around your ability as a creative being, you could recognize and check in to your bodily state of energy level and change it? What if instead of responding to a simple message from your body with random conclusions about your self-worth – you instead just gave your body what it is asking for. Energy.

The practice of motivation – IN SUMMARY

1. There is No life without energy. Not for you and not for your project. Without energy, we cannot create.

2. We don’t have a motivation issue, self-doubt issue nor lack of focus or discipline – what we struggle with is how we promote and maintain our physical states of energy.

3. Our creative crises have nothing to do with a self-issue affair but are a matter of energy. Bodily signals to move, breathe, eat, relax, rest. Instead of responding to a simple message from your body with random conclusions about your self-worth, just give your body what it is asking for: ENERGY.

And remember –
You are the Creator – when you embody your creativity – you manifest your dreams!



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Answer this questions to yourself and comment your answers below!

  1. Based on what you discovered – what are your tendencies of lowering/increasing your energy level?

  2. In what way can you commit to shifting your levels of energy today? Example: I tend to stop moving for long periods. Today I will stand up, move, stretch and breathe fully every half an hour.


Creative D.R.I.V.E. in ACTION

Weekly implementation to deepen your practice! Simply do yourself a favor and while working with these questions – STAY PHYSICAL!

1.  Describe your low energy patterns. Where do you lose energy? What habits do you have that lower your energy levels? Look into your consumption (carbs, sugar etc), times of day when your energy drops (are you not a morning person?) and behavior that you know lowers your energy (TV, social media, specific people, or environments).

2.  Now, describe your high energy patterns. What stimulants do you take (sugar, coffee cigarettes)? What behavior do you display (having 15 screens open, music, phone)? In what environments do you over-stimulate, and around what people? (Example; In what social settings do you talk too much? With this person I consistently feel anxious-etc)

3. Lastly, how do these high and low energy states interact? Does one usually follow the other?

 4. Where can you use FRAME training to shift your energy level and return to creative flow?



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