Multiple studies have shown a positive correlation between happiness level and productivity.

When productivity is measured not only as an end result, but as attention, curiosity, and day-to-day enjoyment of your work – your experience dramatic changes. As does the productivity and achievement of your desired result.

Remember Life Artists aim is to re-connect you to your experience – to your body and the natural creative qualities that lie within to give you the practice and tools to manifest and embody the experience you desire.

In this week’s blog, we are going to play with the body’s inherent ability to enjoy life. People who enjoy their work on a daily basis end up being much more productive than those who do not. As we have talked about before – we don’t always allow ourselves to relax and enjoy the creative process, regardless of the outcome. We want longevity, perseverance, stamina, and follow-through in our work and we don’t realize that these are the qualities, which are the natural results of enjoyment. The more we enjoy the creative process (as in the daily practice of our work), the longer and more effectively we will be able to focus, be effective, create habits and states of being that support us and allow us to create with power.

Our body will not continue doing something it doesn’t like. So, we want to find playfulness, satisfaction, pleasure, sensuality, and exploration in the work we do every day. Studies about persistence also found that those focused solely on the results were consistently disappointed and often gave up on their goal. Why? Because we can’t control what happens in the future – we can set a goal but then – life happens. If we use this rigid type of goal setting, we will often fail, because things rarely happen exactly as in our planned framework. If the experience in the daily now is not pleasurable – any challenge, surprise, and situation that arises, that does not directly match in our experience of what we want in the future – will lead us to stop. Very simply the body is motivated by the experience it has in the now…if that experiencing is stressful, fear-based and running after something that in the now is not happening—it won’t continue. It won’t see and experience the value in this pursuit.

So the aim is to create in your now experience the states of enjoyment that give your body the value and pleasure NOW that we believe and hope our desire will someday achieve. Our mind can go out on a limb – and believe that this desire will one day be our experience – and that is its beautiful job—to be open to the quantum field of possibility: But the implementer in the now of our desire – our body – needs the experience now of enjoyment, pleasure, curiosity. If we create the experience of enjoyment now — then it is now rewarded for doing the work to achieve this desire. Leading to ease and efficiency of the daily tasks needed to achieve that someday desire.

Studies on persistence, motivation, and efficiency found that people who were consistently focused on the daily enjoyment of the tasks at hand, the process, not the end result or final aim – but the EXPERIENCE they had while doing it – not only had a much longer practice, but they also achieved their aims on a much greater level, faster, and with achievements they hadn’t expected.

The pleasure of their practice became the leading motivator. Goals and aims happen in the future, yet on a physical level, we cannot experience future. Our body lives in the now. We can motivate our minds to get excited about an idea but the implementation of that idea must be carried out through the body in the NOW. If we do not have the interest, the focus, curiosity, and enjoyment in what is happening at the moment, that future will never manifest.

Simply put, our attention and focus have to be in the now for implementation to flow. Creativity is all about the experience, remember? We all want to reach our aims – and if we cultivate the enjoyment of the tasks at hand – the sensual, earthy, now moments – our success ratio will shoot through the roof and we will be having a blast while doing it! Sounds like the way creativity is meant to be!

Enjoyment IN SUMMARY

1.People who enjoy their work on a daily basis are more productive than those who do not. Measure your work not as an end result but as attention, curiosity and the moment to moment enjoyment of your actions.

2. Embody states of pleasure for motivation and enjoyment NOW. Shift your attention and focus on the pleasure of your present action for implementation to flow.

3. Remember, your body needs to feel and experience the pleasure and enjoyment NOW to find value in the hard work it is putting in toward manifesting your desire.

And remember –
You are the Creator – when you embody your creativity – you manifest your dreams!



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Answer this questions to yourself and comment your answers below!

1. How did focusing your attention on your physical experience allow you create enjoyment at the moment and how did that affect your motivation, actions, and persistence toward your desires?

2. How did you physically and emotionally feel after training, and how do you plan to integrate this into your life?



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  • Describe which are the parts of your work that you enjoy most, and describe all the benefits these bring you.
  • Lighten up the next month! Schedule 3 dates this month, that involve your sensuality, exploration, satisfaction, and play. Take a moment to put them on your calendar and commit to following through on them.


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