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Hello Life Artists!

I am soooo thankful for your enthusiasm and participation in my work and I am grateful for all the comments, shares, likes, and above all, creative experiences we are manifesting together! Hmmm that just feels good to say, and embody! The better we feel, the easier it is to get out there and do our beautiful creative work! Right! Today I will be talking about gratitude! There are soooo many excellent sources to learn this art.  The law of attraction with Abraham, Esther, and Jeremy Hicks and the desire mapping with Danielle Laporte are just two of my favorites! I will add to these creations my own work at Life Artists – the voice of the body – the doer and implementer of your desired experience! So, let’s get started on how to create and experience gratitude as a body! Gratitude can be the state we are in because something awesome has happened or it can be a tool of expression to create and attract the experience we wish to be grateful for. As we know, it is easy to feel thankful for something we wished for that showed up, but let’s face it, all this gratitude can get pretty tedious when we do not see the results in our experience that we are wishing for when the shit hits the fan, when life is hard, and we are seemingly not moving. Feeling thankful for something that you aren’t experiencing is difficult. What I want to show you today is that Often our thoughts and feelings line up, but we are holding old physical patterns in our body that prevents us from aligning with these desires and feelings. This creates discordance in our experience. In our training, we will explore creating physically the state of gratitude and well being first and then seeing how this allows you to pivot in difficult times and express gratitude for whatever is. So let’s look at practices for creating and experiencing gratitude from the body and why!

1. Gratitude just feels great when we focus on our desire, it just feels good! No matter what, even if it sucks right now, pivoting our attention from what we do not want to what we want, what I desire and look forward to allowing us to connect with a better feeling state. When we focus on what we wish for, and the WHY of it immediately reminds of our purpose and this shift simply feels better. It lightens us up, makes us generous to ourselves, the situation, and helps us to move into actions that will create this state. When we feel great and when we are vibrating with gratitude of already receiving the quantum field of endless possibilities is activated and as I teach here at life artists, our body will match this state if we focus on the bodily sensations and expand and practice these physical states our experience will be vibrating already with desire and well-being allowing us to attract new situations!

2.  We can’t pretend gratitude, the universe knows the real thing when she feels it. A heart overflowing with the grateful expression for what is. It communicates trust, belief, surety in the absolute outcome of this desire in our life. It says to the universe and ourselves as co-creators: I trust. We are animals. Our survival depends on our awareness of genuine expression or pretense. A body flowing with pleasure energy and joy or repressed feelings contracted muscles and breathing the pretended tight-lipped but I am so grateful smile! We know the difference. And in life who do you tend to jump in to serve – those who are pretending but bitter underneath, or those who are fun, interesting, grateful and vulnerably telling it like it is? I am hurt but I desire so much this – I love and want this – I look forward to it even if right now this is not yet my experience? When we meet someone in our lives who express this – we run to help, to share, to be around to help them fulfill this and so does life.  

3. Gratitude is energy in the body – when we are full of this physical expression we are relaxed, energetic, lively, and relaxed. We are generous in our movement, relaxed in our tensions, and inviting breathe and connect with others!  When we are physically in this state although we may not know the timing, nor the exact way we will do something we do know the feeling, we know the experience we are wishing to have as a vibration, a bodily sensation, and feeling of flow, and trust. This means for the body stepping out of the survival contraction and cortisol based holding and back into it’s most natural state of pleasure, joy, relaxation leading to curiosity, possibilities and generosity. This state is health and creative Flow!  

4. We all have had moments in our life when our greatest dream showed up, we know that immense gratitude, how it manifests and what its expressions are our hearts expand, our chest is full, we are full of energy, excited, touched, full of sensation, we are light, quick, and are eager to express this with others, we are communicative, loving, and are involved with our surroundings. We all have experienced these states and can if we choose to remember and recreate these states at will. When we practice being grateful in advance, practice creating and physically repeating and expanding these states within us just like muscles we become stronger and more fluid in shifting to states of gratitude. By training “being” gratitude as a state in the body the next time the unknown, or a situation comes that hurts, frightens us and feels all but grateful because our body is trained to express states gratitude it is easier to return to flow. We can shift to a different perspective.  

Despite whatever disappointment, we can always embody gratitude.

5. When we are grateful in advance, forming the thoughts and expressing this through our physicality our experience becomes this, it’s like ordering in advance from the universe and lovingly and expectantly waiting for how and in what form it will arrive. It’s like waiting for Santa Claus every moment, delightfully waiting to see how our desire will come out. I mean as creators that is what we are doing right? We are creative not because we know all the time how things will turn out, but for the joy of being surprised, interested and engaged in co-creation. When we embody a state of gratitude, it is setting up our being with a clear signal or frequency saying ok, here’s what I desire peep peeep, the clearer this is, the less you have to worry about it right, the signal is strong and clear, now I can just get to the act of creating knowing my desire is coming, now let me be surprised how it shows up! It is wonderful, and this frequency again just feels great!

6. Gratitude is good for or our health! It is proven that our systems especially our heart (see flow into cohesive states when we express and feel gratitude. The heart is actually part of our cognitive system, sending more messages to the brain than the brain sends to the heart. Electrically, the heart is 40 – 60 times stronger than the brain and is many times stronger than any other electrical impulse in the body. The sciences of psychology and medicine are in midst of a major paradigm shift as research findings have uncovered that the heart is a sensory organ that can learn, hold memory and make independent functional decisions. Even more surprising is the fact that the heart displays qualities of neuroplasticity, and that it can reorganize itself by growing new neural connections, just as the brain can do. – Applied Consciousness International Our cells and oxygen levels reach stasis and optimal health when we are creating states of cohesion. Endorphins rush to our aid – pleasure hormones such as natural opioids, the bliss drugs of oxytocin and serotonin flood our system…… our muscle tissues relax, clean and empty our harmful wastes and we return to an alkaline state – states which prevent cancer and promote health and longevity. All of this from just saying thanks !? yes!

7. Our bodies are in the now! Giving thanks as a whole-body experience now makes your experience of having that wish – happen already NOW! Our body /mind is not aware of time – nor is the quantum field – instead it is who we are now. As our bodies reflect whatever thought and feeling we are creating now, whether worried about the future or feeling hope and gratitude for possibilities – all is expressed in the now as our physical state. SO be thankful NOW for all you wish to become – knowing that if you create this experience now – you are that experience throughout time! And let’s get ultra-practical – what allows us to get our work out there – feeling down, frustrated, pressured or the feelings of possibility, curiosity, interest, and gratitude? The answer is clear. So, choose to think, feel and DO gratitude – it is always a choice and very simply it just feels good – and this means creative flow! Today’s training will be focused on shifting our attention to our physicality to experience the power and beauty of our body, its aliveness, and we will give special attention to the heart – and how we create the physical sensory experience of gratitude.

Making decisions – IN SUMMARY

  •    Embodying gratitude is a tool of expression to create and attract the experience we wish NOW.
  • Gratitude is energy in the body: when we are full of this physical expression we are relaxed, energetic and lively and it just feels good!
  • We can’t pretend gratitude, just like any of us, the universe knows the real thing when she feels it. Embody the experience of gratitude to make it the real deal.
  • When we practice being grateful in advance, just like a muscle, we become stronger and more fluid in shifting to states of gratitude in challenging situations.
  • Gratitude is good for or our health! It is proven that our system especially our heart (see flow into cohesive states when we express and feel gratitude.
And remember –
You are the Creator – when you embody your creativity – you manifest your dreams!



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Answer this questions to yourself and comment your answers below!

  1. How do you create and experience gratitude in your creative process?

  2. How did the physical training reconnect you to your heart, and allow you to express gratitude in your daily experience? How do you plan on implementing this training into your daily life?


Creative D.R.I.V.E. in ACTION

Weekly implementation to deepen your practice! Simply do yourself a favor and while working with these questions – STAY PHYSICAL!

  1. What does your heart want and how does it feel? Take time this week to describe and feel into your heart and the area around your heart, the rib cage, lungs, back. Make space there and agree to feel and experience the heart area as a physical vibration.

    1. Write down daily all you are grateful for. Be specific. Write what you are grateful for and then 3-5 reasons why you are grateful for this.


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