Motivation – The pleasure principle

So happy to be back this week with one of my favorite subjects – Motivation!

As creators feeling motivated is often the deciding factor in our success. It often determines if we follow through, continue despite challenges, and enjoy the process.

Motivation is the spark that ignites us to start our daily work and it is the fuel needed to complete our creative projects.

Being able to generate motivation for something gives us the energy to maintain our focus and drive for the tasks at hand, and makes sticking through the difficult times possible.

We all want it and know the feeling and success being motivated generates. Yet I hear from creators, myself included, that motivation is like the search for the holy grail – at times hard to find and harder still to maintain.

But is it really? I believe that the body is continuously motivated; first and foremost to live, but if we step out of this primal survival instinct and into creative states, the body is deeply motivated by states which not only keep it alive but allow it to thrive like curiosity, play, connection – in essence, states of pleasure!

In this Vlog and training, we will look together at motivation as a physical flow, and how to use your body and states of being to not only generate motivation but to maintain it! And we will train using one of the body’s most natural motivating principles – pleasure! How to create this in an instant and practice these states for motivation that you can harness whenever you need it.

So let’s go there:

So, what are the prime motivators as a body?

What happens when we are experiencing and creating desire and pleasure? Just take a minute to remember the last time you simply felt fantastic – full of joy, pleasure, excitement?

Desire and pleasure also produce a chain reaction:

  1. Endorphins and pleasure chemicals flood your system – dopamine, dmt, serotonin, all those pleasure and bliss chemicals flood your system.
  2. These produce a physical/emotional response – yet unlink fear reactions of freezing and procrastination – pleasure creates energy, movement, relaxation, communication, focus, and attention and openness are the qualities we experience.
  3. Dopamine is also considered like a reward for the body – the body sends theses happy drugs as a reward for meeting a challenge – so we feel and experience the reward for our desires – as if they already were achieved!
  4. This physical state allows taking action to be less stress or fear and pain based/ risk levels go down prompting us to take action easier.

But let’s look at it even more simply: What happens in your being, your experience, your body and feelings, and thoughts when you are happy, excited, in love, joyful?

We are easy, active, and motivation is NOT the issue, we don’t need to motivate our self in these states because we are experiencing pleasure and we are already DOING. This cycle of doing sends more happy drugs to our brain inspiring feeling and we start to get a neurobiological feedback of pleasure and reward based on taking action instead of survival and fear pushing us to act.

Very simple: it’s not the times when we are full of energy, power, joy,  and pleasure that we are struggling with, is it? It’s the times when we are fearful, slow, unsure what we call unmotivated that we wish to create change in.

At Life Artists, I do a reverse hack, knowing that when we focus our actions on achieving the states we wish for states which we also know and experience regularly and we work backwards, starting first with the experience we want, and mirroring this and then we shape the experience in our physical state and in doing so we create the flood of pleasure we wish to have and which we know allows us to act with ease. In doing so, we move already into the state which allows us now to embody the pleasure we seek. If we practice creating these states consciously our experience becomes now what we are wishing to have. I teach this in my workshops and all my trainings and call this conscious creation.

It is much easier to face our fears when we are full of energy, pleasure, curiosity, well-being. This practiced state motivates us to do the things which lead to success because we embody that state of well being already! Taking action from this now being leads to the feelings of satisfaction, which lead to us thinking better thoughts about ourselves, our possibilities, our lives and we have thus created the feedback loop of desire and pleasure as motivation.

So in our training today we will create and explore this reverse hack. Starting by creating first the state you wish to have and working backward!

Motivation – the pleasure principle IN SUMMARY

1. Motivation is the spark that ignites us to start our daily work and0 is the fuel needed to complete our creative projects

2. When we are easy, active, and full of pleasure, motivation is NOT the issue! We don’t need to motivate ourselves in these states because we are already experiencing and DOING the state we seek.

3. Focus your actions on achieving the states you wish for: experience states of embodied pleasure regularly. Work backward starting first with embodying the experience you want and then taking action from this high flow state.

And remember –
You are the Creator – when you embody your creativity – you manifest your dreams!



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Answer this questions to yourself and comment your answers below!

1. How do you motivate yourself on a daily basis? Tell us about your experience of motivation in your creative process?

2. How did the physical training/ and using desire to create the experience you want now affect/change your relationship to motivation? Share how this training reconnected you to your creative dreams and how do you plan on implementing this into your daily life?


Creative D.R.I.V.E. in ACTION

Weekly implementation to deepen your practice! Simply do yourself a favor and while working with these questions – STAY PHYSICAL!

  • Make a list of your desired experiences – I want to feel and experience joy, pleasure, success, strength, discipline etc.
  • Find an anchor from your past – a time when you were this state – remember and become this state now. Describe how it feels and wherein the body this state is expressing itself – in full breathing, a relaxed and open chest etc.
  • Based on that re-membered experience – what could you change in your physical expression and way of being in your day to day to create this desired experience in your body NOW – can you stand, walk, move, breathe, play, relax, express like this each day?
  • Practice creating and experiencing a new desired expression each day – and being this in your body for that day. Documenting the bodily state that reflects this desire!


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