Prioritization of our responsibility

We are back for part 2 of our series on response-ability!

In today’s video and training, we will focus on the aspect of our bodies natural ability to prioritize.

Responsibility as we learned from part one, is our ability to respond to the now and take the next step. Prioritizing is a crucial aspect when we are looking at the endless list of to-do’s crowding our experience

 But, who sets the stress involved in this experience? 


Let’s get real, that stressful list is never going away! As long as we are alive – there will be a shit load of things to do! Hoorah – it just means we are still alive!

The thing is – it isn’t the list of next steps that is the issue – it is the extra worry, stress, and self-doubts which we bring to that list, which causes our experience to be unenjoyable. If you think about it – it is clear what needs to be done – simply the next possible action. You need to make that phone call. A very simple act. We pick up the phone, dial the number and open our mouths.  For our body, it is clear.

But what happens? The next step presents itself – and then we add to it a dialogue – “what will I say, it might not work, they won’t respond, maybe I won’t communicate it well” etc. etc. This sends a flood of stress hormones throughout our body – leading to contracted breathing, fear, tightening muscles and immobility or panic and loss of focus. Instead of a simple next step – suddenly the body is made to respond to unending possible scenarios – most of which have nothing to do with reality. Nothing to do with that simple act of picking up the phone.

Our priorities are then split between addressing any number of fears, beliefs, and conclusion about the perceived outcome of the next moment. We stress. One of the more common results is immobility – or inaction.

Since the body is the one “doing” our actions – the action we end up taking is to become stuck. As an animal – freezing is one of the most stressful moments there is – meaning – shit I am about to become food!

Although there is no actual lion about to eat us – our body’s physical state reacts to the perceived danger by flooding our system with a fight, flight, or freeze, hormones. These hormones give us a ton of energy, a ton of blood flow – all prepared to act to run, to fight – and if there is no other alternative to freezing.

Equally important – these hormones like adrenalin – essentially give us a frontal lobotomy. Our thinking, problem-solving, learning mind shuts off – and this is often how we end up feeling, incapable and immobile. The body then tries to move us out of the “potential danger” by distracting us – we call it procrastination. (that there is no real danger is beside the point – our mind is making a very convincing movie) so instead of doing what we wanted, agreeing to be a bit excited, feeling that adrenaline rush and using all that blood flow and energy to take action – instead we take action with things that depress our energy level – and dumb us down. The crucial thing is we end up doing some act other than the action we originally intended to take – I need to eat a cookie, or smoke- facebook – you know yours! Our priorities have become muddled.

For our body priority is a very simple thing

It is responding to the moment. The next step is the step which we take! We either make the phone call, meet the unknown and see what happens – using fear as a power surge and that frontal lobotomy to shut up all the doubts and jump – or we go into self-doubt, worry, and procrastination.

So, rememberWe always act – for our body there is no other possibility. Prioritizing is to be clear about the next step and to agree to make this next step simple – without the added dialogue and self-induced-stress. This is responsibility being prioritized.

Prioritization of our Responsibility in Summary

  • You cannot NOT do! As long as you are alive, you are doing!
  • Our bodies – the implementer of our actions and the one living wholly in the now – cannot be “practical” in the future. We are practical when we are taking steps and action in the now.
  • Focusing on your fears about an unknown outcome creates complication and lack of effective action taking. Focus on the embodied simple task at hand.
  • Response – able prioritization is to be clear about the “doing” you are involved in. Doing stress and tension or doing the embodied next step.
And remember –
You are the Creator – when you embody your creativity – you manifest your dreams!



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Creative D.R.I.V.E. in ACTION

Weekly implementation to deepen your practice! Simply do yourself a favor and while working with these questions – STAY PHYSICAL!

1.Make a list of the responsibilities you are facing.

2. With this energy level, movement in your body, and experience of flow – take one action related to your intention and desire.

3. Make that phone call. Do it right now!


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