Recovering focus for YOUR desired experience!

 – PART 3 –

Welcome back to our 3-part exploration into focus! Week one we talked about the basics of focus as a whole-body experience, allowing life to enter our experience as opposed to focusing on keeping distraction out. And week 2 we discussed how you were taught to focus instead of to enjoy.

In this week’s video, we are going to get practical and describe embodied states of focus, learn how to create relaxed high performance and maintain those elusive and wished-for flow states!

So, let’s describe embodied Focus:

  1. Focus involves high states of relaxed energy. By relaxed I do not mean chillin’ comatose on the couch, this state would be low energy. True states of focus or flow states must be full of energy, movement and experiencing your senses as a whole body within space. It means to practice connecting to your senses, agreeing to movement, relaxing excess physical effort and breathing.
  2. Focus is not happening in the head alone – expand to include all of your senses. We tend to associate focus with the head, and eyes trying to “shut out” all other senses. But remember, focus relies on our nervous system. Realize that 10 percent of our nervous system is the grey matter in our head and 90% percent of this system flows throughout our entire body.

Most of our interaction and social behavior is sensory and physical. We feel each other, far more than we “mind” each other we know from our bodies if someone is angry, threatening, or the opposite. We “know” this through the focus our body maintains as a feeling, an experience, through body language and expression. Yet we still tend to judge our success by how we use our mind and practice ignoring our physical states.  Shift and Expand your attention to include your body, all of your senses, the now around you – and watch how focus expands and is easily maintained.

If you wish to create high states of focus wouldn’t it make sense to involve not just the eyes and face, using a fraction of our potential focus, but instead to widen our attention to include the whole body? Doing so allows us to broaden into relaxed energetic states of attention and the movement of focus from pinpoint to the expansive possibility – is supported.

When we focus from our head only, particularly our eyes, we contract and narrow our perceptive field and as you will see in today’s training this does not lead to focus instead it leads to tension, contraction, wasted energy and a state which the body perceives and experiences as unpleasant even dangerous.

Practice allowing and creating movement while trying to focus. Notice the movement of your breath, your body, and practice relaxing rigid ways of posture, areas that are contracted and letting go of fixation in the eyes especially. Look around and notice your surroundings, zoom out often and check into your environment and senses involved in this moment.

  1. Physically create the experience you desire. Describe the feeling and the state of being you WANT in focus – space, silence, flow, fewer distractions. Now explore how this desire is created and expressed in your body. Use times when you naturally are this state as a reference to learn how to recreate these states. Your body knows how to be this. Your training has taught you otherwise, rebel and regain your natural focus ability.  Be attentive to the states when you are full of energy, interested, curious, excited and then train to recreate these states of embodiment. State’s full of sensory experience, relaxation, energy, and movement.


  1. We do not have a focus problem – our body is 100 percent focus. Think about it, when you are experiencing pleasure you have no focus problems right? It is most often when we are doing something intense, frightening, boring or challenging that we choose to be distracted. But what if you were able to create a state in which your body felt well, energized and mirrored states and experiences in which focus was not a problem?

This is definitely in your power to create. And in my opinion, this is true focus. States in the mind and body that feel good, that capture our interest, in which we are energized, playful, curious and involved. My belief is that if you create physically this state – even in times of challenge or fear – your whole body will become engaged and then this fear or excitement or challenge will use the high states of energy and attention to act and enjoy high states of FOCUS!

Focus & Attention IN SUMMARY

1. Focus involves high states of relaxed energy.

2. Focus is not happening in the head alone – expand to include all of your senses.

3. Focus is a physical movement.

4. Physically create the experience you desire to achieve high states of focus and creative flow states.

5. We do not have a focus problem – our body is 100 percent focus.

And remember –
You are the Creator – when you embody your creativity – you manifest your dreams!



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Answer this questions to yourself and comment your answers below!

  1. How do experience yourself when you are energetic, enjoying, curious and exploring life?? What new ideas, situations, people, and creations do you encounter while in these states of focus?

  2. How did shifting your attention to your physical experience and creating states of energy – expansion, and relaxation allow you to focus? How did you feel after training, and how do you plan to integrate this into your life?


Creative D.R.I.V.E. in ACTION

Weekly implementation to deepen your practice! Simply do yourself a favor and while working with these questions – STAY PHYSICAL!

  • Describe a time when you were in flow and focused. Describe how were you in your whole being? Physical, emotionally and in your thoughts?
  • See if you can change your workflow, environment… to include more movement, energy, and whole body focus. Write a list of ways you can implement these ideas.

Now if you want to dive deeper into your practice – check out the Implementation questions below. Make sure while implementing to stay physical!

  • This week pay attention to creating energy and silence through embodied FRAME training. Keep a log of the times you did training and what it created in your experience.
  • Write and explore what happens in your body and mind when you are feeling focused and in the flow.


We wanna hear from you!

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