Responsibility part three: Responsibility and connection to the now!

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We have been re-thinking and using embodied training to implement new actions towards responsibility. How’s it going?

When we are walking our creative path – often – our focus is somewhere in the future – on some final destination, success, or achievement. This focus keeps our hearts alive and our minds’ dreaming which is essential for creativity. We need to dream – in fact, everything manifests from our thoughts and dreams. But dreaming is wholly impractical – as it is meant to be! The practical one – (Webster dictionary definition of practical; of or concerned with the actual doing or use of something rather than with theory and ideas) the one physically implementing and doing the work – is the body and its realm of action is in the NOW.

Our body is experiencing each moment alive, full of joy, without judgment toward any experience or condition. It is simply experiencing and acting. Our body does not act out of a “future” – that is the job of our mind – to dream and plan. But our body is in the experience at hand – truly in the now. And it is alive – and in love with life.

So how can we maintain and cultivate the pleasure and excitement throughout time – and within each action we take?

Studies have shown that efficiency toward long-term success of our aims relies very much on where the focus of your attention is. The distinction is – are you focusing on the future result or is your focus on the experience which you are doing and living right now?

Very simply, creatives that are focusing on the enjoyment of the moment – the action and experience of the now – not only reach their goals – but research shows, the results they reach are even better than originally imagined.

Our bodies – the implementer of our actions and the one living wholly in the now – cannot be “practical” in the future. We are practical when we are taking steps and action only in the now. You cannot reach that destination without the practical step by step that happens one after the other. And our being – cannot practically experience love and joy in the future. The future doesn’t exist – but the now very much does.

I call it loving the now – and if you cultivate the practice of embodiment – you are smack dab in connection with the now. Deeply connected with the experience of that moment. We are experiencing our lives, our creativity. Remember – as a creator – it is the experience you are wishing to affect. So, if your experience of a specific moment is not pleasurable, in love, serving your excitement and effectiveness – shift your attention to the attention and experience of your physicality. And choose to change that experience.


1. Your body is experiencing and acting the NOW in each moment.
2. Efficiency toward long-term success of our aims relies very much on where the focus of your attention is in the moment of taking action.
3. Are you focusing on the past or future result or is your focus on the experience which you are “doing” right now? From the standpoint of a body, we cannot experience nor act in the future.
4. When you cultivate the practice of embodiment, you are deeply connected with the NOW, allowing you to take action NOW.

And remember –
You are the Creator – when you embody your creativity – you manifest your dreams!



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Creative D.R.I.V.E. in ACTION

Weekly implementation to deepen your practice! Simply do yourself a favor and while working with these questions – STAY PHYSICAL!

Describe your body when it is fully in love, connected to your vision and heart – how are you in the now:

  • With this energy level, movement in your body, and experience of flow – describe in vivid details the experience within your body. The movements, the warmth, the expansion, the energy.
  • Decide to practice this state – how did you get there, how can you repeat this! Know this is your choice.


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