Hello Life Artists,

So how is your response – ability going? We have been talking about and training responsive states of being within our lives and creativity, allowing us to act more simply and directly towards meeting our aims and expressing our creative power. This week let’s look together at responsibility as the natural expression of our hearts towards something we love.

This week I want to ask you:

  • Why do you love what you do?
  • And HOW do you experience pleasure, joy, and excitement for your project, creativity, for your life?

It seems like a duh question, but as creators, we often forget to tune in to the love behind our projects and creative expression. When our responsibilities get thick and dirty, painful or disappointing – we often lose our hearts. Our experience becomes one of contraction, pressure, low energy, and fear. Instead of being in love – we become stressed and irritated and avoid the experience that we are having.

Again, Life Artists believes that we choose the meaning and expression of our experiences. We decide if the story we are telling ourselves is “good or downright shitty.” We decide how and who we become in response to life and all it offers us. In this 4-part series – we are talking about response-ability – the ability to respond and adapt to the moment at hand.

So, let’s talk about the moments when truly it sucks – when there is a difficulty, pain, fear or any other aspect of our experience. Life isn’t always roses, joy, yippee and look how successful I am, oh how I LOVE. Often – very often – it is also fears, pains, rejection, disappointments – even downright nastiness. It is in these moments that connecting with the why we love and how that expresses itself in our bodies – can really help us return to creative flow.

How many of you – when there is a shit storm – find yourself losing the love and passion you normally feel for your creative work? I know I sometimes do.

Response-ability is not pretending life is peachy – it is responding to what is – as it is.

As we talked in the episodes before – our bodies are doing this all the time. When something hurts – it hurts. No going around it. When you love something – and something doesn’t work out – it is painful, or frightening, or makes us angry and frustrated. It is all of this.

What response-ability is not – is our tendency to “mind” our experience – adding layers to that experience by telling ourselves what it “means”.

Conclusions, self-judgments, beliefs – take over our simple experience of pain or disappointment – and highjack us instead, into a psycho film. A physical expression always occurs from what we are thinking and believing, and as we know from our experience – these “extras” are far more painful than the simple hurt of the moment.

Instead of our attention being focused on the moment at hand – we start believing and concluding mostly very damaging things about our experience and who we are in it. In this way, we stop loving ourselves, our truth, and give up on our creativity.

Responsibility from the body’s perspective is to experience all that is – pain or fear or disappointment IS real.

What would change in your experience if you just allowed this flow to be physical – without adding to it beliefs, conclusions, and self-judgment – about that experience?

What that looks like is a shift back to the experience you are having as a body: the physical experience of disappointment may be that your muscles are slower, heavier – my chest is painful or weighted. I am slower, and my head feels a bit foggy and empty. My throat is tight – etc.

And if I must tell myself something about that experience – then let’s choose what we tell ourselves – I call it deliberate dreaming – where I choose the story I tell myself about the situation at hand – we do anyhow – why not make it supportive and empowering a recognition of my heart, my wish, my courage: “ Ouch – Ok – I tried something that didn’t work. I am disappointed. It hurts.” — and LEAVE THE REST OUT!

This is for me a deeply important aspect of responsibility – the love and self-care to stop the damaging story and instead simply experience the is of my experience. You have no idea “what it means” it just hurts.

Like a child who falls down – they cry like crazy, look for love, attention, and soothing, rest a bit and then it’s done. It is only later that we started adding to this simple response to life, a meaning, a belief about what just happened. But do we really know if that “meaning is TRUTH” or simply a mean and far more painful conclusion we are choosing to make?

I believe the stories we tell our self about our situation is what blocks our creative expression – not the experience of disappointment. Loving our self is agreeing to experience all that is – joy, love, excitement – but also fear, hurt, and anger.

Being responsible to our hearts, our creative expression and lives means to agree to experience the is – And choosing to leave out the story about the is or choosing the story that allows us to love and care for our hearts and our creative being.


1. Loving our self is agreeing to experience ALL that IS. You decide the story you tell yourself about your experience!

2. Response-ability is not pretending life is peachy but rather it is responding to what IS.

3. Pain, fear, and disappointment are real. Agreeing to experience our fears and joys equally returns us to flow.

And remember –
You are the Creator – when you embody your creativity – you manifest your dreams!



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Creative D.R.I.V.E. in ACTION

Weekly implementation to deepen your practice! Simply do yourself a favor and while working with these questions – STAY PHYSICAL!

  1. Allow your body to do what it needs now – to move, or cry, or sleep or be heavier – but give it the energy to do so – feel the experience not as a story about it – but simply as a physical sensation. Keep your focus here and notice how you respond now to the “pain” of whatever was upsetting you. Is it more allowed – more simple?
  2. Write down the story/stories you were adding to this experience – Ask yourself if you can absolutely know that this is true? can you drop it and agree not to know what it means and just experience the feeling what would allow you to remember your creative flow?


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