The conversation of Creativity

You express Desire – Intuition is creativity’s response.

Hello Life Artists!

Desire is the supercharger of any action. It is the drive behind our projects.

Desire is the motivator of all motivators!

The project you wish to bring to the world is undoubtedly connected to something you love or something you want to see come to life. This love is what will make it happen and what will help you persist when you face obstacles and disappointments. Desire is the emotion and motivator of that love. It is the signal you express loud and clear saying I WANT THIS!

In today’s vlog, I wanna talk about intuition, what I call the listening for the response of life to your expressed desire!

If we want to start a conversation we must start expressing desire, and listening for the response!

Intuition and moments of coincidence are answers. The “I hear you” coming back at you from life, and if we give these moments our attention they generate connection and excitement backing up our creative power! We are connected and having a conversation with all that is, listening to those hunches, intuitive moments, and the surprise coincidences move our life in flow.

  1.    START A CONVERSATION! your job is to express your desire.

Your Desire expressed outwardly is similar to falling in love,  you dig that person, situation, feeling and you want it, SO what’s the first thing that has to happen to get that conversation started? You have to express your wish, open your mouth, take one step toward the other!

Just like life and your creativity to get it moving, out in the world, it takes expressing our desire! The great thing is, the universe is not fickle, she doesn’t play games, she is not involved in her self-image, she ALWAYS responds!

So, the more desire you express, the more desire you generate, the more desire is present, the more unstoppable we become.

Think about the last time you fell in love? No lack of sleep or annoying little setback can stop the love groove and we all know it. We go out of our way to meet our lover. We overlook disappointments, think and feel with great depth, becoming our best and most open self. It is exhilarating, we are inspired, and indeed, we are unstoppable!

KEY IS – When we are full of desire, our attention is flowing outward toward that desire. Instead of being lost in our doubts and internal world, we are suddenly involved with something bigger than us, outside of ourselves – WE ARE ENGAGED then IN A CONVERSATION – and as a conversation implies, there is actually another force, person, being involved! Instead of talking to ourselves we give meaning to others and engage our attention to where life and love are flowing! This is the state of Creative Flow, active and engaged participation with LIFE.

Let me ask you: Have you ever fallen in love solely from your head? Just like love, our projects, dreams, and wishes cannot come solely from our minds. The more embodied our ideas are, the more sensual and desire-promoting they will become, not just in ourselves but also for those we are serving. Plus, the more we engage our bodies, the more the love drugs our natural state, starts moving us, oxytocin gets flowing, and the more we are focused, relaxed, and deeply attentive. We move towards what we want and let our emotions energize and guide us. These are the prime states for creative flow and the F.R.A.M.E. for all creative effectiveness and again, they are PHYSICAL states. The conversation of desire starts with an expression of that desire. Make it physical and it will be your experience!


Have you noticed, that when you are in love it seems like everyone is also in love with you, all of life is looking your way? When we are in love and full of desire we are highly communicative we spend hours listening to the smallest hint from our beloved, what he or she needs, wants, expects from us and we use the smallest of clues to notice ahhh, he or she is sending me love messages, right? So why are we not doing this with our lives, our projects, and creativity?

When we are expressing our desire we get all kinds of responses, it’s just that we often are not listening!  What we call intuition, serendipity, coincidence, all of these are responses from reality to our desire. They are the signs from reality that you are in flow or out of flow. Thing is, we “feel” these touches, love bumps, and messages yet if we are not embodied it is very hard to feel the response of another! Like being in love from the mind it’s just not sexy enough to get us listening!

We are often stuck in old states of experience. Physical states of contraction that we have practiced, held onto and expressed so often, become our fixed states of expressing and experiencing life in the now! 

So life is responding with flow states, saying yes, baby yes! but we are “stuck” in old fears, contractions, low energetic states. We don’t move, we close our centers and mind our lives, and what we end up “feeling” and “hearing” is not the updated in time response from life, but an old outdated shitty feeling message…. Not possible, I’m not enough, all the messages of as if no, no, no, and because we are maintaining this in our physical expression – our experience becomes this! You can see how our conversations with the beloved can then be as if tricky!

Intuition is when Life starts answering you directly.

We get intuitive nudges and signals that directly respond to our quest and aim! We think it’s magical, and it is! Key here is setting our mind, feelings, and our bodies in coherence. Desire is an expression and intuition is a state of listening. Getting into coherence allows us to experience the flow of dialogue between your desire and life’s response! It is like a beautiful treasure hunt, we send out a desire and intuition appears to guide us and if we are listening, intuition is associated with strong physical and emotional sensations which fill us with the experience that life is touching us. Our wishes are heard. Insights, dreams, intuition, the active dialogue between you and creation.

The conversation of creativity – IN SUMMARY

1. Desire is the supercharger of any action. It is the drive behind our projects. Intuition is when Life starts answering you directly.

2. Your job is to express your desire. If we want to start a conversation, start expressing desire and listening for the response!

3. Expect and listen for life’s response through attention, appreciation, and gratitude!

And remember –
You are the Creator – when you embody your creativity – you manifest your dreams!



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Answer this questions to yourself and comment your answers below!

  1. What it’s like for you to have a conversation with life and creativity. How do you listen and acknowledge intuition, serendipity and life’s responses to your desires?

  2. How did the physical training reconnect you to your desire and allow you to listen? 


Creative D.R.I.V.E. in ACTION

Weekly implementation to deepen your practice! Simply do yourself a favor and while working with these questions – STAY PHYSICAL!

  1.  Describe your experience in writing. What did this physical state allow you to get in touch with? What is your energy level following today’s training?

      2. What answers, intuitions, hunches, emotions, and coincidences popped up? Notice them, give thanks for them, and experience                 how doing so feels in the body and heart! Now see if and how you can follow through on them!


We wanna hear from you!

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