The practice of motivation

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Welcome back to part to Motivation part two – the practice of motivation.

Motivation is literally the desire to do things. It’s the difference between the excitement you create and maintain when in the creative flow and lazing around the house all day. It’s the crucial element in setting and attaining goals and research shows you can influence your own levels of motivation.

As a physical expression, Motivation can be equated with high states of energy and attention put to use towards taking action.  Motivating states for the body feel like energy, excitement, movement, relaxation, heat, intensity, curiosity, challenge and a whole lot of attention and focus. These desired states of flow and creativity can be created by choice!

So how?

8 practices for creative motivation!

  1. The active use and promotion of pleasure: play, imagination, orgasmic meditation, physicality and sensuality, attention to our senses when we are enjoying that great meal, conversation, and beautiful experience. We want to learn and hone states of pleasure in our neural pathways – the more pleasure states we allow – actively create and pursue – the more this becomes our experience.
  2. Get clear about your top 5 – “how do I want to feel motivators”. Daniel Laporte is an excellent source for this – and I just LOVE Desire Mapping, but make sure you add to this the physical expression of your desire as a whole-body expression because this is the HOW to the desire and it is the daily practice of embodying this desire and creating it in your daily experience.
  3. Consciously set up the repetition of rituals of pleasure – consciously play Pavlov with your own neurotransmitters. Rituals of pleasure create the production of dopamine before the experience getting you ready in advance for the reward you know is coming. I use my morning coffee as a pleasure ritual which gets me up and happily out of bed – I smell the coffee, the best coffee I can find, I grind it fresh and anchor the sounds, smells, tastes and the physical sensual experience of this coffee as a reward for getting up, starting my day etc… so on days when I am just not wanting to get up, I use this anchor to start the wave of positive endorphins flowing. I imagine and remember the pleasure and experience of my morning coffee, the result is always one of excitement, cozy anticipation and sure enough I am up and into that experience, the ritual of it programs the dopamine response in advance – like Pavlov’s dog – I ring the bell and I am anticipating the reward of that experience that morning coffee ritual serves me – and I use it to motivate me to get up and start my day with pleasure. This is the positive use of a routine.
  4. Seek out states you want and mirror them. Sometimes we truly do not know the experience we desire. Example: I desire to feel confident and outgoing, but I have been shy and introverted most of my life. How can we embody and create an experience I have “never had?” I believe we all have had experiences of confidence, pleasure, and strength. But if they seem foggy or unreachable, find someone who does know this experience, talk to them, mirror their states, thoughts feelings. And re-create them in your own body
  5. Become a detective – Be Attentive to your daily physical states/and the experiences you are manifesting. Pay attention to states that you felt unwell, stressed etc. and take note – how was I physically? AND How did I manifest the state of excitement I felt today?

Learning to recreate the states you want in your life – or to move away from these experiences you do not want – requires attention and the interest. But the easiest way is to be attentive to your bodily states. Learn them – when I am stressed I always contract my belly – when I am relaxed My belly is soft. Then, Choose the states of being you desire and practice to manifest this.

  1. Involve yourself in new experiences and actively seek out places, people, situations which match the states you are embodying which give you energy, and promote being the states of experience you are practicing.

Our bodies mirror those around us. If you wish to create and experience energy, creativity, joy interest, remember that like matches like, just think about it from your known experience you are full of ideas and excitement and you meet that one friend who is embodying depression, low energy and the chosen mood of pessimism…after a very short time all our energy and excitement poof…gone.

SO, Choose the state you wish – not only in your own physical body – but recognize we are all one body, the body of your friendships, the body of your work environment, the body of your peers, and social agreements, the body of our politics and our worldview and choose the bodies you wish to mirror and be around.

  1. Allow what isGet used to saying yes/and. When a “non-motivating” state that just really persists. Allow the feeling, embody it fully instead of resisting, feel the state for a moment, and make it stronger, experience what comes, fully, and with all respect love and the full desire to experience the is.

By allowing the is we allow ourselves to be real with all of our experiences like sadness, disappointment, anger, fear. All of these states enliven and enrich our experience, we need them. The effort to NOT have the is – is very uncomfortable – Re-framing is agreeing to experience fully the is, sometimes this means having a great cry, allowing your being to express anger, hurt, limits, and be that fully. once that state is lived and expressed fully, then we can choose again, say yes and yes to my now experience AND asking our being is this the state I wish to now maintain and embody? Then choose the state you wish to remember and refocus your attention on the state you desire, embody this and allow this to create space to include the is – while also re-focusing your will toward what you now are also wishing to achieve and do.

  1. Practice. Practice, practice. See the video I made about how to practice creating optimal frame states to create and embody the experience you want and then explore, play, practice. Motivation, just like love, trust, and self-confidence are all verbs states of the action taking when you embody motivation you are already out there “doing” that because it is already in your experience!!

The practice of motivation – IN SUMMARY

1. Actively use and promote states of embodied pleasure.

2. Get clear about your top 5 – “how do I want to feel motivators”?

3. Consciously set up the repetition of rituals of pleasure.

4. Allow what is – get used to saying yes/and to life’s experiences.

5. Consciously look for the next best feeling/thought and embody it.

And remember –
You are the Creator – when you embody your creativity – you manifest your dreams!



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Answer this questions to yourself and comment your answers below!

1. How often do you let yourself daydream or deliberately dream? How is it a part of your creative process? Tell us about how your experience of dreaming in your creative process as a physical state allows you to create motivation?

2. How did the physical training reconnect you to motivation and how do you plan on implementing this into your daily life?


Creative D.R.I.V.E. in ACTION

Weekly implementation to deepen your practice! Simply do yourself a favor and while working with these questions – STAY PHYSICAL!

  • Write about what are your top five favorite states of being – excitement, interest, etc.
  • Decide three pleasure  rituals that you can use as motivation anchors
  • Who do you admire and want to mirror? – write about their states of being – or better yet – be a detective; call them and ask them how they live their life, rituals of pleasure and motivation and physicality.
  • Choose one new place, experience, an action that you can involve yourself in this week – and go for it!
  • What situation, state of being, a person can you rethink – saying yes /and about?


We wanna hear from you!

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