“Embody your creativity and become the Conscious Creator of your experience!”

Barbara Droubay

“Embody your creativity and become the Conscious Creator of your experience!”

Barbara Droubay

“Embody your creativity and become the Conscious Creator of your experience!”

Barbara Droubay

“When we realize that everything we do is an act of our creativity – there is power in that. I teach people to become what I call – Conscious Creators – human beings actively engaged in each moment of their life, as a conscious creative act. When we decide this – we become Life Artists. We then return to our most natural state – abundance and pleasure, contact and connection, physical acts of clarity and intention, and the expressive use of our will – purposefully creating and living the lives we choose – thereby making a change in the world at large.”

Barbara Droubay

About me:

Barbara Droubay teaches and works with creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs towards reaching their creative aims effectively and with greater pleasure. She is an inspired lecturer and a leader of group training in Creative Confidence. Her courses and workshops teach a unique approach of recognizing creativity as a physical experience in the body – which when developed – activates and engages our inborn creative drive.

She has a 20+ year love affair with the body – covering differing somatic methodologies – from Cranial Osteopathy, Myofascial Release & Trigger Point Therapies, Tantric and Shamanic practices, to the past 10 years as a Grinberg Method practitioner and trainer.

Her parallel passion and life focus has always been Creativity – expressing itself for many years as a Fine Arts painter and conceptual artist focused on perception. Living in New York City she managed and curated what is now one of the top jazz clubs in the city, and began in this time to recognize her innate capacity to organize and manage systems.

In 2000 she moved to Berlin, Germany where she owned a highly successful somatic coaching center. It is here that she began the process of integrating the body of somatic work with the body of creative experience – developing a highly effective synergy of two intimately related systems of being – claiming that creativity is an innate physical experience. A deeply Human experiene – which when tapped into through the body – allows us to reach states of heightened awareness and flow. In 2015 she founded Life Artists – dedicated to the teaching of somatic practices for Creative Consciousness with the intent to share the pleasure and power of using our physicality to embody and manifest our full creative potential.

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Life Artists' mission

is to teach you the most direct way to affect your states so the creator you are can get the gift you came here to give – out there! In my opinion, this is what makes us the beautiful creatures that we are – and supremely human; our body – and all we experience because of it. The capacity to abstract, as well as embody, makes us whole, and precisely this is what allows us to naturally innovate and create. Problems arise in either camp when one or the other is ignored – either we are no longer imagining, dreaming, and envisioning because we are in constant physical survival – (still sadly over half of the world) – or we are overthinking, not physical, incredibly stressed and self-absorbed – with the result being we struggle to get our ideas out into reality with ease and effectiveness. I believe we have been lied to purposely so to remain ineffective and directly said – so we will remain, slaves. If I can keep you impractical and ineffective – I can control you.

Life Artists is my form of protest

it is my way of saying I do not agree to be kept from the freedom that is my birthright.  My way of expressing the warrior spirit that knows we are born creators. It is the expression of my incredible love, gratitude, and passion for being alive and life herself. I envision the world where people are truly free from limiting thoughts and feelings about their ability to create – where we wake up from the brainwashing and recover what is naturally human, creativity. That is the world I wanna live in – a world where innovation, and creating is the norm, celebrated and utilized, to create lives we love to care for and nurture – enabling natural stewardship of our planet, each other, and all we share life with to take precedence. I believe we embody as humans for the sole purpose of learning to be Creators. To practice the great art of manifesting realities and potentials unlimited.
When you are seeking to “affect” and control directly and consciously your experience – (ie: innovate, create, change and affect habits and states of FLOW, implement and get ideas out of your head and into reality) you can most effectively and directly do so by changing something in your physicality. The word practical stems from this principle – to be practical we implement a physical practice. When we approach innovation, creativity, getting sh*t done, or stopping the stuff in the way of getting sh*t done abstractly through the mind  as we normally do – then our results also stay abstract, and our experience doesn’t change much – (as most of us notice.)

Let’s face it – our minds are beautifully impractical. That is precisely what allows us to dream, imagine, innovate, and create! But this creation gets lost in translation when we try to use abstract principles to affect the physical world—ie; to manifest our ideas practically into reality – we have to do something physical! The same applies by the way if you reverse hack. In order to affect and change the way we think about our self and to interrupt and stop creative blocks and self-image issues, the easiest way is to change something in our physiology. Naturally, the experiences we are living through directly affect our beliefs, and feelings – our ideas and thinking abilities – and most often, we have far more control of our physical responses than we do to our mind movies!

All the “trying” and struggling to optimize, be better and achieve more, reach states of high efficiency and peak flow, etc. – (that oh so huge market for overachievers to be anxious about forever) – is missing a very crucial and unbelievably DUH part of all this – that being the role our BODY plays in creating the experiences we are so desperately trying to achieve. After all, we are not machines – and experience is physical, sensual, in the now, and relies fundamentally on the fact that we have a body and are human.

Like fish who do not perceive that the medium they are moving in is water – we are increasingly living and working as minds – no longer understanding that our experience is fundamentally a physical one – not only an abstraction. That great idea only becomes manifest through something happening in our physiology. The place where a person can AFFECT unwanted states and CREATE wanted experiences is in the body – in our physiological responses to life – and to the physiological patterns we form and maintain based upon our ideas about life. Stress, hunger, excitement, pain, fear, pleasure, etc and good, brave, strong, nice, powerful, stupid, lazy, untalented etc.

So, practically – If you truly want to affect your reality your experience – the most direct approach is to change something directly within that experience – instead of ineffectually changing the idea you have about that experience. (Which is pretty much what we have been taught to do and seeing the results, it’s clear something is not working.

“Creativity Is physical – the more embodied you are the easier it is to create! 

Barbara Droubay – Life Artists Founder


The way we normally approach FLOW, Creativity, efficiency, focus, innovation etc.  are as ideas that I can tweak and try to fix, pray for, think I am an undisciplined slob because of, and pay thousands of dollars and my first-born child to the wellness gurus to achieve. Only to have sometimes results, and then most often than not,  life doesn’t change much. We say our “sometimes success” is based on luck or talent, or discipline and hard work – yet deep down we never really know why this time it works when at other times it doesn’t.  It’s a bit like playing Russian roulette – and I personally never found this “sometimes yes – sometimes no” – to be a satisfying rate of success. Consistent and controllable results will forever remain elusive with these strategies – simply because the methods we are taught to tackle our moods, our thoughts, our discipline and consistency with, while excellent, still are primarily based on ideas & abstractions – constantly shifting sands. Our physiology, on the other hand, is pretty straightforward – it takes training, but it’s pretty clear and most importantly – controllable; Am I breathing right now, can I move, can I relax my chest, where is my attention? In my mind trip or in reality and my physical expereince.
    Creative FLOW is a physical experience  and to affect that – I need to train my attention to perceive and change what’s happening in my experience; in my body, breathing, movement, and physical environment. This will naturally inform and affect my ideas. And when it goes well – high states of FLOW become the state of inseparability between mind and body – a supremely blissful state – one that we all NATURALLY ARE. It is called BEING. The thing is – we are perpetually ignoring half of the equation – our physiology!


Embody Your Creative Power!